Fitness Costumes for Halloween

Fitness Costumes for Halloween

Keep the ghosts and goblins away with these great fitness costume ideas just in time for this Halloween!

Having a hard time trying to figure out a costume for this year's Halloween? How about sticking in the spirit of fitness and trying out some fitness related costumes! Who knows you may even burn a few calories if you act the part! gives you a few ghouly solutions to Halloween costume brain-block with these fun, easy, fitness-related costumes!

Cheerleader: A fairly common costume for Halloween; most women bust out a cheerleader outfit at least once in their lives for this spooky event. If you've been working out hard over the last couple months and feel the need to show it all off, this just may be the right costume choice for you.

What you will need for this costume:

  1. An old football team shirt (surely you can dig one out from your dad's or partner's closet!)
  2. A short pleated skirt
  3. Knee socks
  4. Running shoes
  5. Pom poms

Most of these items you could find at home, the only cost being the pom poms that you can usually pick up from a second hand store. For those ladies that have long hair, put it in pig tails or pony tails and apply some bright make up. Bonus: If you can come up with a short cheer, you can burn some calories and be the life of the party at the same time!

Tennis Player: This is always a great costume whether you are male or female. It is even easier to do if you are a real tennis player! If you want to be more specific try choosing one of your favorites: the Williams sisters, Maria Sharapova, Anna Kornicova, Lindsay Davenport, or for the males, Roger Federer, or Andy Roddick, to name a few.

What you will need for this costume:

  1. tight tennis shorts/skirt (or tennis dress for women)
  2. A collared tennis shirt/ tight tennis tank top
  3. Running shoes
  4. A visor
  5. Sweatbands (for wrists and/or headband instead of visor)
  6. A tennis racket

Richard Simmons: The legend himself, and the most well known fitness enthusiast! This can be a fun outfit for Halloween as long as you get the costume right! All you really need are those candy striped shorts, and people will spot you from miles away!

What you will need for this costume:

  1. Candy striped shorts
  2. White running shoes
  3. White socks
  4. A tank top with sparkles (circles, rainbows, or stars)
  5. A brown fluffy wig
  6. A head band

Olivia Newton John: Known for her popular song, "Let's get Physical" Olivia ranked the charts in her bright pink fitness outfit that brings the 80's back to life at Halloween. Olivia also made leg warmers a fashionable phenomenon – why not try it for yourself!

What you will need for this costume:

  1. A braided white headband
  2. Lycra tights (the shinier the better)
  3. Cut-up t-shirt (at the waist and arms)
  4. High-cut leotard
  5. Leg warmers

An extra accessory could be a boom box playing the song she is famous for "Let's get Physical" to top it off.

Rocky Balboa: Sylvester Stallone will never be forgotten as the original Rocky, but why not try the part? You can easily stay warm on a cold winter's night in this outfit as well, so if taking the kids out to trick or treat is in your plans for this Halloween this costume is a great fit.

What you will need for this costume:

  1. A grey sweat suit
  2. Red boxing gloves
  3. Black knit hat
  4. Towel (tucked into the neck of the sweatshirt)
  5. A black eye (use black eye shadow)

Jennifer Beal: Flash dance superstar Jennifer Beal could never be forgotten with her 80's inspired dance outfit, and the ever so popular water scene. Why not bring this fabulously fit female back to life for Halloween!

What you will need for this costume:

  1. A black body suit
  2. An oversized grey sweatshirt (off the shoulder)
  3. Black leggings
  4. Red pointy toe heels

  5. Dangly earrings
  6. 80's poof permed hair do

For a greater effect bring a bucket of water with you to emphasize the water scene. If you are brave enough, dump it on you at some point in the night.

Referee: If you are an athlete, why not try out the opposite side of things for a while? This is a simple and easy costume that you could really have a lot of fun with. If you want to make it a couple costume, have one of you dress up as an athlete and the other as the referee.

What you will need for this costume:

  1. A black and white striped shirt.
  2. Black shorts
  3. White socks
  4. White running shoes
  5. A whistle

A body Builder: This costume may be a little more difficult to pull together. If you want to be more specific try copying the look of Arnold, or another famous body builder. However, this can be a great costume if you can get the materials for it.

What you will need for this costume:

  1. Fake muscles (use nude colored pantyhose to make these)
  2. Short shorts
  3. A wide belt
  4. A muscle shirt
  5. Knee pads
  6. White socks
  7. White running shoes
  8. Fake barbell (cardboard foam, spray paint, and a pole should work)

Other suggestions: With the coming of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver British Columbia Canada, winter athletes seem to be the hype. So why not dress up as one? Try costumes such as an Olympic speed skater, figure skater, skier, snowboarder, or hockey player and make fake gold metals to go around your neck. Another popular way to go is to dress up as a super hero. The classic super heroes like Superman, Batman, Spiderman, She-ra, and He-man, are always fun to do, but can sometimes take a lot of time and preparation. Whatever you decide on, keep healthy, and have fun!

From, happy Halloween!!!!!!!