Acclimatize to Cold and Flu

Fitness Expert

How to stay Healthy!

The cold season has begun. And we all know that it is hard to survive the cold without getting one. therefore has some important tips to survive the autumn and winter months of flu season in everyday life.

The first cold days of autumn are here, with the thermometer swinging around at night to cold temperatures, and freezing cold mornings where you have to unthaw the wheels of your tires all covered in ice. At least when you enter the office late, and find that almost half of your colleagues on sick leave at home in bed, you know: it is flu season. Not only does this make you realize that you don't want to catch what's going around the office, but that you want to stay healthy. therefore has some simple tips for you.

Drinking enough water is really important all year round, but especially when the body is exposed to the flu: So drink at least two liters of water per day. The best protection against disease without going to the drugstore counter is the body's own immune system. And, the best way to avoid flu is to strengthen it. The immune system can be kept up, for example, by the increase of vitamins, especially vitamin C. Lemon is an essential source of vitamin that tends to fight against the flu. So regardless of whether you have a glass of hot lemon juice, or just a few drops of lemon juice added to your morning tea – this can help your body fight off the flu. Of course, also having a diet that consists of vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables will help.

When the flu is first coming on, pathogens attack the mucus membranes of the mouth, nose and eyes. In order to save the mucus membranes from being attacked, you need to have good blood supply that is sufficiently moist. A good blood supply is ensured when you are warmly dressed. It is very important that your feet do not freeze. So put on two layers of socks to walk through the city, or what are even more effective are thick soles, which offer an insulation protection from the cold floor. The consumption of cigarettes slows blood circulation as well so quit smoking!

Regular sauna sessions can toughen the body and prevent flu and colds. A visit to the sauna trains blood vessels in the skin. For those that don't like the sauna, or cannot afford it, should have a small daily workout and shower: Simply change temperatures in the shower every now and again from hot to cold. It is important to complete showers with colder temperatures.

The body requires further sufficient oxygen to combat bacteria and viruses. A stroll in the fresh air after a hard workout not only clears your head, but strengthens the immune system. Better yet, of course, a run indoors is also good, and inspires fitness. In principle, one should not go outside for sports, because the open air is not up to the limits of resilience. The body then becomes stressed in the meantime so that it is again susceptible to disease.

Conducting an annual flu vaccination can only help conditionally. It helps only against the "real" flu, which is caused by the so-called influenza viruses. Often confused with a real flu, normal colds or flu are caused by a variety of constantly mutating viruses, against which there is no vaccine.

The flu vaccination is recommended but for people with weakened immune systems: the elderly, children or people who work as taxi drivers, teachers, educators, salesmen or doctors where there is a lot of contact with other people. Because the action begins only after ten to 14 days, you should get vaccinated in time, so most are already vaccinated in October. Inoculation is made easy by injection, usually symptom-free runs and stops at six months. In most cases, health insurance will cover the cost of this.

But what if the disease has already begun? How do you keep active while diagnosed? Be cautious and get lots of rest, if you are coming down with the flu. Wait at least 5 days after recovering from the flu before playing sports or par-taking in your normal fitness routines. Usually an inflammation in the heart occurs and could be life threatening if you don't get plenty of rest.