6 Strategies to Beat Back Halloween Weight Gain

6 Strategies to Beat Back Halloween Weight Gain

Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year. I enjoy everything from the carving of the pumpkins to the incredibly unique costumes to the excitement that you can see in all the little kids and of course to all the fun parties. I mean here's a holiday where you not only do you get to drink and eat everything that is bad for you but you get to do it under cover of a disguise or a costume. So with all these temptations combined with the benefits of relative anonymity it's not hard to see how we can easily sabotage our efforts from one night of the year. To minimize the impact of this year's Halloween here are 6 Strategies to Beat Back Halloween Weight Gain.

1. If you are going to be giving out candy to kids in your neighbourhood buy candy that you don't like. Don't go out and get the candy nobody likes or you're setting yourself up to be the house in the neighbourhood that gets egged and tp'd at the end of the night. And if you choose a candy that you don't completely find revolting then wait as long as possible before buying and buy less than what you need. Your goal is to have minimal temptation around before the kids start coming around and to run out before the night is through.

2. If you are going to a party eat a meal right before you go. Choose a lean protein and partner it with as many fibrous vegetables as you like. Once you're at the party you're less likely to be tempted by all the treats that are available.

3. Avoid drinking your calories at the party. By having something to eat before you'll be less likely to want a drink right away. When you are ready for one have a glass of water. By having a glass of water in hand you're less likely to be passed a high sugar alcoholic drink by an overly attentive host. If you do want to indulge go with red wine.

4. Bring some gum with you. Once the fullness of dinner begins to wear off pop a piece of gum in your mouth. While the various smells from the treats may become tempting the action of chewing some gum will distract and lessen the temptation.

5. Do a little extra on your workout this day. If you normally lift but don't do cardio after, then do some cardio. If this is normally your rest day then add in an extra workout. You'd be surprised how much stronger our will power is and how much more likely we are to resist temptation after you've done something positive. Don't believe me? How likely are you to brush and floss after going to the dentist when your teeth have that clean, smooth feel compared to other times of the year?

6. When you are ready to have a snack grab a napkin rather than a plate. You can load less on a napkin than a plate. When going through the options choose protein sources such as meats, cheeses and nuts along with fruits and vegetables. Be aware of the high calorie counts in nuts, sauces and dips and sample these sparingly. When you are ready to try something sweet go with the dark chocolate but remember this is still is treat, just a healthier version of it.

Hope these tips help you keep the Halloween weight gain at bay.

Your coach,