Ryan Reynolds:  Buried with Fitness Phobia?

Ryan Reynolds: Buried with Fitness Phobia?

Lately you could find Ryan Reynolds.....or could you? Reynolds just finished filming one of the greatest suspense movies he has ever played a role in, where he spent the majority of the time cooped up in a wooden coffin. The film is called "Buried", and the story is about a man (played by Reynolds) who is a United States truck driver in Iraq, that gets himself trapped in a coffin. All he has access to in the outside world while being trapped in the coffin is a cell phone and a lighter.

Reynolds says the role took an incredible toll on him both physically, and emotionally. He says it was an experience unlike no other. It really brought the reality of war to him, and he said that for him "the scars and things, are just spoils of war." After spending 17 hours in the coffin, Reynolds may have come out of the box with a lot of bruises, scrapes, and even a little bald patch; but Reynolds calls his physical injuries from the film making "souvenirs."

As for his mental health, which may have suffered more than his physical; he found it hard to get back into the normal routine of every day life without feeling the jitters. Since being stuck for 17 days straight while filming, Reynolds claims that he had more anxiety and sense of panic than he had ever felt before, and had a lot of trouble sleeping at night throughout the duration of the film.

However, since the making of the film, Reynolds has tried to find peace again at home after a failed attempt to vacation on a beach. He said the sand was just a reminder of the box he had been in while filming (which was full of sand), so he found himself on the next flight home.