How to Improve Your Stamina

Fitness Expert

Having the ability to run and run and run without getting tired is what every ideal athlete wants. Heck, even the couch potatoes would like that ability, they just don't have the discipline to start and continue training. Well whether you're a couch potato or a seasoned athlete, here is the one thing that is the sure-fire way to help you improve your stamina.

Discipline. Just starting is one thing. But to continue training is in a whole different ballpark. Many people get the desire to improve their stamina, so they start a training regimen. They train for a few days and start to get in better shape. But one day they don't feel like training or don't have the time to train. So they simply don't. They take a day off from training. And pretty soon, that one day off turns into five days off! Not long after that, they're back to where they started. All that hard work they did to improve their stamina for those first few days soon wore off and they returned back to being completely out of shape.

This is how stamina training works. You start off at 100% out of shape. For the first few days you work out, you drop down to about 95% out of shape. Now, as you keep on training, that percentage will decrease until it reaches 0%. Only then will you be completely in shape and have the ability to run miles, jump rope for hours, and have a lot more energy each day. But, if you were to stop training, that 95% you worked down to will go right back up to 100%. Leaving you completely out of shape once again.

You want to improve your stamina for good right? Well then start a training regimen and stick to it. Habits are formed after 21 consistent times. So for the next 21 days you should follow your own training regimen non-stop. And if you don't feel like working out just remember this: The best time to work out is when you don't feel like it.

What that does is get you in the habit of working out no matter what. For example: there were some days when you didn't feel like taking showers, right? But you did it anyway so you wouldn't stink up the place As a result, it became a habit for all of us (I hope). Well the same applies for stamina training. If you do it no matter how you feel, it will become a habit and you'll be getting in better shape with each passing day. Working out will soon become part of your daily schedule and you won't have any resistance to doing it anymore.

So remember: Discipline is the sure-fire way of how to improve your stamina!