Running Stamina

Fitness Expert

How many times, in the middle of running long distances, has your throat gone dry or you had this really bad blood taste in your mouth? Many people who run find themselves in this situation everyday. It's even happened to me a few times before. Wouldn't it be a lot more convenient if you could just put an end to all of this? To start enjoying running when you do it?

That is why so many people quit running after only a few tries. It's because they don't know how to run. Oh sure, "start moving your legs and swing your arms" is one way to do it, but the way to truly run and not run out of breath quickly is what every new athlete, out-of-shape person, and even slightly experienced athletes want to know.

If you are running improperly than it is only going to be harder for you to get in shape. And you will most likely give up after a short while because running is hell in the beginning. However, if you know what you're doing, you can make those first training sessions a lot easier. And I'll show you how with these quick tips:

Breath in through your nose. Remember those common running conditions that I described above about your throat going dry and getting that blood taste in your mouth. Well this is a sure-fire way to eliminate that problem altogether.

Run from heel to toe. This lessens how hard your feet in the ground while to you are running. The harder your feet hit the ground, the faster your legs will get tired. So step a little lighter using the heel to toe technique.

Pace yourself. Especially when you are running beside two or more people in an endurance race/training session. There is this competitive feeling that people often get when running head-to-head with someone. If you are trying to beat the person next to you then you most likely won't. When you are ahead, you'll really be behind. They'll have more gas in their tank than you in the long run and it will start to show about half-way through the race/training session.

Well there you have it. Apply these tips to your training regimen and you should have nothing to worry about.

Good luck.