Get Your Fill of Antioxidants & Pure Cocoa

Get Your Fill of Antioxidants & Pure Cocoa

You're on a diet and you get that irresistible craving for chocolate. All of us know the battle! Defeat begins by telling ourselves it's just a little, teeny-weeny bite of chocolate. But before we know it, the deed is done! We've managed to gobble up the whole thing. Guilt quickly sets in. We've really eaten more chocolate than is good for our diet. Has this happened to you?

Perhaps you've heard that chocolate is actually good for you. So a little chocolate every day can't hurt, right? It is true. Components of chocolate are good for you, but that's only if you eat the pure cocoa variety. Store-made milk chocolate is often not healthy since it is blended with emulsifying fats, sugars, milk, flavorings and preservatives. It hardly contains any of the health-imparting benefits antioxidant potency of pure cocoa.

There are ways to satisfy your craving for chocolate and truly justify eating it as a healthy treat! Cocoa tea provides you with the wholesome goodness of pure cocoa while still allowing you to maintain your diet. No guilt! Just sheer chocolate indulgence with only 30 calories a serving! Now you can safely indulge your chocolate cravings with Coco tea. In addition to great chocolate taste a cup of Coco Tea offers nutrition in the form of three powerful antioxidants. Coco tea contains Pure cocoa, Green tea and Resveratrol.

A cup of Coco Tea not only satiates your chocolate cravings but can also provide you with health-building nutrients. Here's how these three ingredients make a great antioxidant combination in Cocoa tea.

  • Pure cocoa is potent in antioxidants. Antioxidants found in Coco Tea help support heart health and circulation. They also help provide energy and stamina.

    Cocoa tea is compounded with more antioxidant potency by two additional ingredients, Green tea and Resveratrol.

  • Green tea's antioxidants help support numerous health benefits, including enhancing weight loss. Green tea is a natural thermogenic. It helps the body to burn calories more quickly! What a good reason to drink Cocoa tea and relish its rich chocolate flavor! Green tea also helps the body to regulate normal cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

    Boosting the antioxidant power of both pure cocoa and Green tea, Coco tea also provides Resveratrol.

  • Resveratrol is a potent nutrient has been in the news as a promising hope for longevity. But even before this research came out, Resveratrol was known for its nutritional support for heart health, especially arterial health. It is also known to support athletic endurance and stamina. So you'll have help to endure longer hours on the treadmill!

This great tri-combination of Cocoa tea is found in CocoPure. CocoPure is a well-formulated blend offering you pure chocolate delight and pure health support! Cocoa tea (CocoPure) does not contain any fats, there are no milk or milk products and no sugars. Cocoa tea has an ORAC value of 5250 units per 7.4 grams and contains only 30 calories a serving. Cocoa tea is great for those who want to support heart health, for extra energy and stamina, for those on a diet who want to satisfy their chocolate cravings with original chocolate flavor!