How Can I Help My Memory?

How Can I Help My Memory?

Like all functions in the body, the brain also depends on cellular energy. Simply put, the more efficiently brain cells can produce energy, the better the brain functions. As we age, energy productions in the body begin to decline. Energy production declines in the brain could be due to stress, drugs, immoderate alcohol consumption, lack of nutrients, poor circulation, or damage to brain cells due to pollutants. Aging also contributes to a decline in performance mainly due to the cumulative effect of these ravaging damages over a period of time.

The brain requires a consistent supply of nutrients to maintain performance efficiency. Scientists now believe that insufficiency in certain brain nutrients may lead to forgetfulness or momentary memory lapses. Two of these important brain nutrients come to us from the B vitamin family and form vital constituents of memory supplements.

Cognizin® is a registered product containing Citicoline which is a form of the B vitamin choline found in all cells. Citicoline has been extensively studied and proven to benefit brain health. It supports brain functions and even ameliorates some of the cumulative damage that has ravaged the brain over a period of time. It plays a vital function in the formation of cell membranes. The brand Cognizin® is known for its purity and consistency in quality.

Neurons or the brain cells found in the central nervous system are different from other cells in the body. Other cells in the body grow old, die and new ones are born to replace old ones. This is not so with neurons. Once neurons die, they are lost for good and can never be replaced. They however can be repaired and Citicoline plays a vital role in the repair of neurons.

At our birth we are endowed with 10 billion neurons. By the age of 22, your brain starts losing volume. You begin to lose one neuron a second. Cell to cell communication loses efficiency. This may lead to mis-mapping of information or even loss of information resulting in those "senior moments" so common to the elderly.

Aging also impairs membrane functions. Neuronal membranes have unique functions. They are conductors for transmitting nerve impulses. Citicoline supports energy production in the neurons. This in turn supports repair and maintenance of cell membranes, synthesis of brain chemicals, and propagation of electrical impulses-all necessary to support the broader functions of the brain such as memory, motor cognitive functions, thought and decision making processes. Supplementing your diet with memory supplements that contain Cognizin® is an intelligent choice for those who would like to boost their mental energies and preserve memory and cognitive skills.

Another great ingredient to look for in a memory supplement is Vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is the only B vitamin which is part mineral. It is called cobalmin and contains cobalt, a mineral that is known to stimulate red blood cell formation. One of the important roles of red blood cells is the transport of oxygen to various parts of the body. A deficiency in B12 leads to a deficiency in red blood cells and results in less oxygen supply to the entire body. Twenty percent of the body's oxygen supply is required by the brain. And a lack of oxygen in the brain can starve neurons to death, leading to brain atrophy or shrinking of the brain which happens as we age.

B12 also helps to regulate the level of homocysteine (amino acid) in the body. Studies show that higher levels of homocysteines in the body are associated with a decline in memory and impaired cognitive abilities. B12 also helps in the maintenance and functions of neurons and is known to have neuron-protective properties.

B12 and Cognizin® are called brain nutrients and should be included in any quality memory supplement. They help to sustain and promote the longevity of brain cells and inhibit their destruction due to aging.

Memory Matrix, a memory supplement, combines brain nutrients like Cognizin®, and B12 with antioxidants such as Huperzine A and anthocyanins found in blueberry extracts. These antioxidants in memory supplements work as neuro-protective agents. This memory supplement also contains Vinpocetine, a nutrient derived from the periwinkle plant, which supports cerebral blood circulation. Phosphatidylserine, another memory supplement nutrient, is a phospholipid required to support neuronal membrane functions. These nutrients are considered to help boost memory, the production of brain energy, sustain cognitive and motor skills, and enhance focus and decision-making thought processes.