What is CoQ10?

Fitness Expert

Just what exactly are CoQ10 vitamins and how important are they to our health? Going by the name itself, CoQ10 doesn't seem like a substance that would rank high on the VIP list of nutrients. But don't let this humble little nutrient fool you. Consider this fascinating piece of information gathered from scientific research on CoQ10's function in the body.

With the exception of red blood cells and the cells in the eye lens (where there is no mitochondria), every cell in the human body contains CoQ10 in its mitochondria. CoQ10 is also called Ubiquinol from where we get the word ubiquitous. The word itself means "everywhere" signifying CoQ10's presence in the body.

CoQ10 Functions in the Body

CoQ10 aids in the conversion of food energy into energy that the body can use to perform its own vital functions. About 95 percent of the body's energy supply is converted by the help of CoQ10. Organs like the heart and liver have the highest concentration levels of CoQ10 because they have the highest energy requirements. Other parts of the body include the brain, muscles and lungs. CoQ10 is also an antioxidant and is popularly used as a dietary supplement. CoQ10 supplements are used for increasing energy levels in the body and for supporting heart health in the following ways:

  • CoQ10 supplements help in the production of energy for normal heart functions.
  • CoQ10 supplements work as a cardio-protective agent.
  • Scientists believe CoQ10 supplements may help to repair damage to the heart and support healthy heart functions.
  • CoQ10 supplements are widely used as a proactive measure for guarding against heart-related disorders.
  • CoQ10 supplements are also known to help regulate normal blood pressure.

CoQ10 has been well-researched for fifty years. Besides being a major support for heart health functions it is also known to support skin health (anti-aging agent), brain performance, vision, periodontal health and immune health.

However, the fact still remains-one of the best CoQ10 uses is in supporting heart health. Since the highest levels of CoQ10 are concentrated in the heart, there is no doubt that CoQ10 supports heart health at its basic bio-energetic function. It is interesting to note that people who suffer from unhealthy cholesterol and are on prescription medication may indeed suffer from low levels of CoQ10 as the medication itself is known to deplete levels of CoQ10 in the body. CoQ10 supplements may be necessary to make up the body's need of CoQ10 if you are taking prescription medication for cholesterol. Consult with your physician about taking nutritional CoQ10 supplements.

CoQ10 Vitamins – Deficiency

The body is able to manufacture CoQ10 on its own and does so up to the age of 20. After this age, the amount of CoQ10 the body manufactures begins to decline. People in their senior years may suffer from low levels of CoQ10. CoQ10 supplements are advisable for those in their senior years after consulting with a physician.

There are several other factors that aid in the decline of CQ10 levels in the body besides age. Pain killers such as NSAIDs can also account for depleting levels in the body. Hard physical exercises, the type performed by body builders and professional athletes, can also use up CoQ10 storage levels in the body. Such people are found to have depleted levels of CoQ10 and may require CoQ10 supplements to meet the body's need.

Quality CoQ10 Supplements

CoQ10 is not found in adequate quantities through diet alone so the best CoQ10 delivery form is found through supplementation. Although CoQ10 is not a vitamin, you'll find it commonly listed as "CoQ10 vitamins." This is because CoQ10 is a vitamin-like substance since it is needed in small quantities by the body to maintain vital functions. The best CoQ10 vitamins are those which are high-quality nutrients-these offer the maximum bioavailability.

If you're looking for nutritional CoQ10 supplements to support healthy functions of the heart, brain, liver and immune system, you should go for a supplement that can provide you with the most bio-available form of CoQ10. CoQ10 Matrix contains Ubiquinol which provides eight times the bio-availability of Ubiquinone, an inferior form of CoQ10. Such quality CoQ10 supplements provide targeted nutrients for supporting the body's energy needs and several vital functions.