Losing Weight Costs Too Much?

Losing Weight Costs Too Much?

A brief look a two myths that are keep you fat

In preparing my fat loss courses, I was fortunate enough to attend those of other well known weight loss groups and it was interesting to listen to some of the problems that members brought up and it's a shame that they were never corrected. One in particular stood out to me.

They said..... losing weight costs too much!

They were saying how expensive strawberries were, how you could buy twelve donuts for £2 in asda, how you had to buy healthy food for your 6 daily meals and how it was easier to be fat than thin. There seems to be some confusion as to how weight is actually lost.

Losing weight should save you money! You eat less food whilst losing weight and therefore should spend less money. I feel there are two myths causing this confusion.

The first one, 'You have to eat often to keep your metabolism high' -

I won't go into the science (or lack thereof) too much here but i will say. It's not true. Eating regularly is effective for gaining muscle and weight however there isn't a lot of difference between three meals a day and six meals a day, it's all in the calorie intake. Although, studies suggest less meals per day is marginally more effective for weight loss.

The thermic effect of food is related to the amount of food eaten, not the frequency and it is still insignificant compared to the food eaten to cause the effect.

6 meals x 300kcal = 1800kcal

Is equal to

3 meals x 600kcal = 1800kcal

Count the calories like in Yr5 math class. Don't over complicate it.

The second is that 'you should eat healthy food to lose weight'

This doesn't really mean anything!
Think about it.. Some may say a cheese and tomato sandwich is healthy and pizza is not, the only difference being presentation and 25 minutes in the oven. You can lose weight eating ice cream as long as you eat less calories than you need.
The lesson to be found here is that calories are what matter in weight control, not 'healthy foods' or low carb or low fat. Calories, Calories, Calories!!

Protein can be very helpful in losing fat though, book your place on a TMW Fitness Fat Loss Course to find out how!

-Theo Whittington
TMW Fitness