Wolverine is Back:  A Look at the X-Men’s main star Hugh Jackman.

Wolverine is Back: A Look at the X-Men’s main star Hugh Jackman.

The new X-Men movie X-Men: The Last Stand brings back the physically fit character of Wolverine, played by Hugh Jackman. And boy is his character and physique more intense than ever. But Jackman not only increased his endurance for the lovable X-Men series. You can also note his determination in his training for his upcoming movie, The Fountain.

In his new movie, The Fountain, you will find Jackman performing some miraculous stunts. At one point he is hovering in outer space surrounded by a transparent bubble. While in lotus position he spins upside down, then fully stretches out into a superman pose. Now, that may seem like a typical Hollywood stunt, but there's one difference; Jackman does this stunt under water.

The stunt may sound easy until you realize the strength and abdominal power it takes to do this underwater. In full lotus position, Jackman is held by the smallest visible barbecue spit. The spit is attached to a harness that wraps around Jackman's body, that flips him over. He breathes through a scuba regulator attached to a pole throughout this. But, this is an extremely intense environment, in which Jackman did numerous takes for day in and day out, and without any complaints.

The film director of the movie Darren Aronofsky said they had Jackman in the tank for 3 days straight. Take after take, Jackman never let up once.

Jackman admits to performing the majority of all his stunts, in his action packed thrillers. At 37 years old, Jackman isn't known as an elite athlete, but standing at 6'3 inches tall, benching 315 pounds, and leg pressing 1,000, he is not just an "actor". This physical phenomenon doesn't drive himself based on goals either. He says it's all about brainpower, a little bit of will and determination that keeps him going.