Elastic Resistance Training

Elastic Resistance Training

Elastic Resistance Training

Welcome to a simple, easy, effective and convenient way to stay in shape! Elastic Resistance Training is ideal for people who live a busy lifestyle, do a lot of traveling, stay at home or want to compliment their existing training routines. It is also an excellent source of activity for seniors, youth and those who are recovering from injury. Exercising is by far, one of the most important things we can do to improve our health and longevity. It is very important to include some form of resistance training in our weekly routines to increase our metabolism and burn off those excess calories!

There is a very simple explanation to the science behind Elastic Resistance Training. As the band is stretched, the resistance increases, providing a progressive stimulus to the muscles. Resistance means using an increased force against body movement for the purpose of developing lean muscle mass, power, strength and endurance.

Regular isotonic exercises using machines or free weights rely on gravity, which is the force opposing the weight, limiting the user in movement. Generally only upward movements against gravity are possible with free weights, and machines are usually limited to only one exercise. With Elastic Resistance Training many different exercises can be performed and the resistance depends on how far it is stretched. It offers many more possibilities of movement and directions of motion, exercising single and multiple joints, while developing the body more functionally.

Using elastic resistance requires much more stabilization and coordination than basic isotonic exercises. The band is kept steady through a higher level of neuromuscular control than with machines and ensures a smooth return phase of the exercise, rather than letting gravity take over. Bands offer many more possibilities of movement and directions of motion, exercising single and multiple joints, while developing core, smaller stabilizing muscles and total body functionality.

Enjoy the benefits of this extremely effective exercise tool in the privacy of your own home, office or on vacation! Whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete at any level of strength and ability, using Elastic Resistance Training will give you some of the most complete and versatile workouts possible!

There are two forms of rubberized resistance: Stretch bands and Stretch Tubing. Both can be purchased at retail fitness equipment stores fairly inexpensively.

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