Stress Management = Midsection Management!

Fitness Expert
Stress Management = Midsection Management!

By managing your stress levels, you will definitely manage your weight, midsection, health and the overall quality of your life!

The human body wasn't designed to handle the stresses of modern life! As a species, we seem to be busier than ever and constantly on the go moving from one stressful activity to another. By living life in this frantic manner, our body increases adrenaline production. This will lead to the fat cells in your body injecting fatty acids into your bloodstream for an energy supply. On top of that, when you're focusing on finishing that critical report for your boss, combating rush hour or stressing over those unpaid bills, your adrenal glands are producing cortisol which is another hormone that contributes to belly fat. The more weight that you carry in your midsection also adds to increased cortisol secretion while under pressure.

Theoretically speaking, when stress hits, your adrenaline utilizes fat from all over your body and then the cortisol stores any unused portions in the abdominal region. So as you can see, one of the key ingredients to managing your midsection is managing your stress levels.

Some suggestions:

1. Sleep 8 hours per night. By not having enough rest, your cortisol levels increase exponentially the less you sleep.

2. Strive for good quality sleep. This contributes to the prevention of muscle loss due to cortisol.

3. Plan and organize your life schedule. Take control of some of the stressors in your daily routine by being organized and well prepared.

4. Get excited about a reward. Set a goal, strive for it and when you accomplish it, reward yourself. Hope makes stress more manageable.

5. Take it easy with alcohol and coffee. Your cortisol is spiked when your body is dehydrated and thinks there is a water shortage emergency. I would suggest no more than 2 drinks max of each per day.

6. Pump up your Vitamin C. Take about 1,000 milligrams a day in divided doses.

7. Exercise and eat well. Proper nutrition and resistance and/or cardiovascular exercise help contribute to overall self image and extra energy. The lack of either of these contributes to added stress.

By focusing on these few stress management techniques you will greatly increase the chances of seeing your six pack!

James Erdt
Joyzone Inc.
Founder / President