The Top 5 Worst Halloween Treats

Fitness Expert
Sometimes it can be hard to avoid the delicious temptation of Halloween candy and chocolate when the month of October comes around.  Although most Halloween treats come in respectable individual sizes, they are also sold in high quantities, which can lead you back to the box for another. 

Although we are not saying to do away with all the possible Halloween treats to be shared; here is a list of the worst treats out there for you and your loved ones to avoid. 

1.  Toffy Candy:  these gooey delights are quite popular at Halloween and tend to be more affordable then your average box of chocolate bars.  But any kind of sticky toffee candy is a nightmare for your dentist.  Toffy can cause major cavities, not to mention other damage to your pearly whites. 

2.  Powdery Goodness:  any types of powder candy including the ever so popular "fun dip", are 100% sugar.  You may as well hand your kid a jar of sugar with a spoon in it and tell them to dig in.  Not to mention this type of treat although very appealing to children, are usually jam packed with artificial flavors and coloring. 

3.  Large Gum balls:  gum balls look fun, especially when they have creepy eyeballs on them, or other scary designs for Halloween.  But these sweets are as dangerous as they look!  They are a major choking hazard for children.  Why anyone would give a child one of these is beyond me! 

4.  Dare Devil Candy:  any candy that is overly sour, sweet, hot, or extreme in some flavoring or taste, usually means that it is more of a trick then a treat.  These popular candies can be hard on the digestive system, and dangerous to the mouth, throat, and stomach. 

5.  Normal Sized Candy Bars:  Although the average household cannot put down the pennies to spend on the normal sized candy bars, they are doing the trick or treaters a huge favor.  Average sized candy bars are about 300 calories, where as the mini ones usually come in around 80 or 90 calories.  Children really have no idea about portion control, but parents do. 

Finally, here are some ideas for healthier treats around Halloween.  Instead of the sugary treats mentioned above, give out some healthier alternatives like the ones below.   

Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Covered Raisins/Peanuts, Yogurt covered raisins/peanuts, sugar free bubble gum, cocoa dusted almonds, trail mix with chocolate chips, pretzels.

Happy Halloween from!