Double Whopper™ Diet

Double Whopper™ Diet

DOUBLE your Fat Loss!

O.K. Before you call me crazy, let's get one thing straight right off the bat - I'm not saying that you should stop everything you're doing and rush to a your nearest Burger King®. But what I AM saying is, there is a way you can eat all of your favorite foods every week, even if they are cake, pizza, or greasy fast food burgers, and still manage to stay in shape and lose all the weight you want. As a matter of fact, not only are you "allowed" to have these junk foods, but they can actually speed up your metabolism, and therefore overall weight loss, if eaten at the correct times. Later on in this article I will reveal exactly how this works, but first, let's take a look at why most diets simply don't work...

Why most diets fail YOU (and not the other way around):

Most "diets" require that you give up your favorite foods, eat less, and when you do eat, it's tasteless low-calorie foods and low-fat products that almost all of us despise! Well this is all fine and dandy for about a week or so, as you drop a few pounds and you're under the impression that your hard work is paying off.

But guess what happens then? Your body gets acclimated to the diet. Your metabolism slows way down and you're actually storing more fat than you used to, because by now your body has "figured out" that you need these fats as reserves to keep you from starving yourself!

So after a few weeks of torturing yourself, you notice that you're not losing as much weight as you did on your first week, you're exhausted, hungry, and the only thing you're "fed up" with is the diet itself. You eventually give up the diet (unless you have Nazi-like discipline which most of us don't), and you're back to eating the way you used to. Except now, you have a whole new problem on your hands; your brand new slowed down metabolism can't handle the foods you used to eat anymore, which translates to you gaining back all of the weight you lost - and then some!

Bottom line: a diet is something you "go on" and eventually have to come "off of." What you need is a not a "diet" but a well-rounded nutrition plan you can stick to FOR LIFE! And it shouldn't be hard on you, it shouldn't exhaust you and leave you dehydrated. It should be something that integrates into your life and becomes second nature to you.

The solution:

My team and I have spent countless hours over the past year or so researching, testing and reviewing weight loss plans, programs, and any information we could get our hands on, for my up-coming fitness website. While neither of us hold a Ph.D. in Nutrition, it's safe to say that through these past twelve months of trial and error, we have become experts on the subject. We can tell you what works, what doesn't, and how well it works.

Our main site (Fitness Finesse) is not quite ready yet, but there's no reason we should wait to share with you perhaps the most interesting weight loss program we have reviewed to date, and it's:<

Every Other Day Diet

The author is Jon Benson, now a well-recognized nutrition, fitness and fat-loss specialist. Jon actually "walks the walk" and has used his own program to drop 70 pounds and transform his body completely. (let's face it: what good is well marketed diet plan by an old, fat doctor who never bothered to use the program himself? ;)

His secret? Varying nutrients and calorie intake! What this basically translates to in layman's terms is: YOU CAN MAKE YOUR JUNK FOOD WORK FOR YOU!

Here's how it works:

You eat "healthy" for a few days, then, just before your metabolism starts to slow down, you "surprise it" with high calorie food (like the juicy Whopper™ in the picture above) to keep your body guessing and your metabolism rate up. This way, you lose weight CONSTANTLY, and not just your first week, and you never get "fed up" with your "diet" because you get to have your favorite foods every week. You're full, satisfied, and burning fat faster than ever before.

Now obviously, Jon's program is a bit more complex than this. For example, you have to know what and when to eat on the days you're not eating junk food. If you decide to include exercise in your plan (exercise is optional, but it helps quite a bit), you need to know the correct way to train to maximize results in the minimal amount of time (Jon offers some of the most effective workout plans that only take 7 minutes a day!). But nevertheless, everything in the program revolves around one main concept, which boils down to simply - varying nutrients and calorie intake!

And it's because of its very simplicity and the leeway the program gives you, that Jon's "Every Other Day Diet" quickly became on of our favorites. You can view his free online presentation at:

Every Other Day Diet

I sincerely hope you enjoy the program as much as my team and I did reviewing it. For any doubters out there, it's BBB-approved, and it's written by a well recognized fitness specialist who actually practices what he preaches.

Oh, and before I forget, everyone is welcome to take a sneak peak at my site. It's only a "rough draft" (and an ugly-looking one, at that), but at least you get a taste of what is to come, and you can look at some other top-rated weight loss programs we've reviewed. We also cover exercise and muscle building for those interested.

To a New, Healthier You,
Ado Djulbey

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