Extreme Kayaking

Extreme Kayaking

Adidas Sickline

White foam, loud noise, high water levels and waterfalls - and the guys adrenaline rushes as they climb in their boats. These are some of the world's best extreme kayakers and they love none other than taking risks. The extreme kayak videos shown on television will no longer suffice. From the Adidas Sick line, Fitness.com reported the World Cup for extreme canoeists just for you.

In 1976 the "Weller Bridge" housed its first kayaker ever. Since it is an infamous passage for all kayakers, it makes calm waters or traditional competitions seem too boring. But it also poses uncertainties. Last year, for example, they had the complete Adidas sick line event cancelled at the last minute due to high water levels. That is the disadvantage of the difficult water routes, but it also marks the difference between low key and official kayaking.

But extreme kayaking is characterized not only by extremely difficult torrents. 130 canoeists from all over the world, including five women, were in the qualifying run. As I said during the race, the competitors may hinder the kayaks or ram their way off. But most kayak drivers are fighting against only one opponent: the rapids.

At the Extreme Kayaking World Cup lead driver Stefan Finsing says they train the whole year. "Driving, driving, driving," laughs Stefan Finsing. "Periodization is the alpha and omega," says Finsing, who could just as well be a qualifier for the finals of the World Cup in Ötztal. As he prepared this year for the Extreme World Cup Kayak we wanted to know how:

Finsing completes strength training four times a week, combined with three unspecific boat units, mainly to serve the purpose of stability and coordination. After this phase, he starts his 8 Finsing preparation phase. In the 11th week he shifts his training to the water: up to twice a week he does strength and endurance training daily from 1 to 1.5 hours of units in the boat. He starts this with a half hour of endurance base training, and then shifts from 3-5 specific race sprints between 200-300 meters. He then finishes with a sprint technique under fatigued condition.

The important thing is extreme preparation for the knowledge of the route. From Heidenheim Stefan Finsing is "Weller Bridge", the World Cup this route. But with the qualifier 32 has the final round missed the best 25. But it differs from extreme kayaking conventional paddling: Each of the torrents conquered, makes a winner - not only the medal holders.