Stars & Fitness: The New Bond Girl Olga Kurylenko

Stars & Fitness: The New Bond Girl Olga Kurylenko

Elegance and Beauty Intertwined

Denise Richards, Eva Green, Halle Berry, Teri Hatcher, Kim Basinger, Famke Janssen – a long list of beautiful women, who all got a piece of one thing: secret agent James Bond. Besides beguiling beauty that all Bond women must possess; they are physically resilient. investigates these beautiful and fit Bond Girls.

Actresses who are like these ladies that we refer to as bond girls, may just as well be competing with Olympic athletes. Among the list of Bond Girls also ranks the 28-year-old Ukrainian Olga Kurylenko. Starring in the new Bond movie "A Quantum Consolation" recently released, she plays a woman with a past, that only James Bond gets a taste of. Actor Daniel Craig also stars as the compulsory Gigolo in the film.

Since her appearance as the former Topmodel Kurylenko's career has taken a huge leap. In 2005 she began as an actress in France. After growing up with poor conditions in a Ukrainian amongst 13 family members, she was discovered in a Moscow subway by a model scout. This dark-haired beauty therefore made her first career steps as a model. She even featured on the front pages of "Elle" and "Vogue". Now Kurylenko stars as the glamorous and seductive 007-Girl. With her role, she has no problem showing off her ex-model body. But then she has nothing to be ashamed of. Kurylenko precisely fits into the ancestors of the bond girls: beautiful and well built.

Nevertheless there are many tips circulating on several Internet sites about the motto: "So will I, as lean as a Bond Girl." Of course, women like Kurylenko eat healthy and keep fit, but she is very fortunate that she has her talent and beauty to fall back on. But this 28-year-old has an extensive fitness program, has an extensive talent for sporting a gun, and also has a love for art after studying in Paris.

Despite her early years, her private life hasn't been as successful as her career. Particularly, there were broken wounds after Kurylenko and her second husband separated. But as many of her admirers said - a pure waste of time. In a man's world there is no consolation. Not even a Quantum. And, none the less, in the end, not even James Bond could get this Ukrainian goddess into bed.