Don't Take it To Heart...

Fitness Expert
Here is a little bit of information I've found that I really had no clue protein?? I've always thought whey protein was the way to go for men, but I guess its good for anybody. And as most know, the heart is your body's engine, take care of it and it will take care of you.

"Soy foods have been a staple of the Asian Diet for over 5000 years. Low incidence of heart disease in this population is what tipped scientists to the possibility that there might be something in the soybean that might be responsible for helping to maintain a healthy heart. These epidemiological investigations led to the understanding that it is the Soy Protein that has been keeping Asian hearts in such great shape. Over 50 double-blind, placebo controlled clinical studies demonstrate that Soy Protein reduces blood levels of total cholesterol and "bad" LDL cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein). Small reductions in triglycerides have also been shown with Soy Protein."

While a lot of people do avoid the bad, they don't spend near as much time taking in the good for heart health. Did you know that many times the very first symptom of heart disease is death! Hence the name "silent killer", you recieve no warning of it at all. While it's good to get out and do some cardio, you also need to take in consideration what you eat. Make a little room on your grocery list, here are just a few of the goods that help you on your way to better heart condition...avocados, calcium, barley, red yeast rice, soy protein, zinc, and garlic. These are only to name a few, and if you further your research you can find even more great foods that help your heart.