Wii Fit for Nintendo - An alternative method to staying fit

Wii Fit for Nintendo - An alternative method to staying fit

The Entertainment Group offers an innovative extension for its console the Nintendo "Wii". The Nintendo game "Wii Fit" is consistently continuing its strategies to create an upgraded image of video games: In addition to families, young men and women are the target and instead of bloody battles, sports and fun are the main content.

"Wii Fit" consists of a Balance Board, high-tech scales, wireless internet with the "Wii" connected, and training software. The concept is ambitious: Wii Fit acts as a personal coach. The user has a guide for regular training and support to aid in the improvement of physical conditioning which can be monitored through the console. At the start of the game, there is a personal assistant that works alongside the user with an animated Balance Board. To start, increase the board and wait for a few seconds, and the software will tell the current weight, body mass index and the shift of the body. It will then calculate your fitness age based on all these factors.

There are four forms of exercise that help to improve body balance and where weight optimization can be achieved: yoga, muscle exercises, aerobics and balance games. The first two are quite serious training programs, in which a virtual coach - depending on the male or female version - with a soft voice aids you through the various exercises. The movements of the exercises are fully displayed on the screen, so that yoga exercises such as the "sunshine greeting" or "the tree" can be easily imitated. The Balance Board covers only the weight distribution on the feet of the user. The exercises are usually moderately strenuous, allowing most individuals to be able to perfect them.

The balance of the games and aerobics are clearly the fun part. This is where all Wii fans already know, "Mii" avatars which are used to master various tasks. You can Hula Hoop or do step aerobics in time with the board. The games are easy to learn, are extremely entertaining, motivational, and you can choose your level of difficulty to gain high score ranking. Unfortunately, by the low level of difficulty the highest level can be achieved quickly and the games get boring fairly fast, therefore experienced gamers will become easily frustrated.

The program strives to keep the user involved and as well to supply proper feedback on any progress. It calls for regular testing on the body for weight, balance, and age of fitness. Somewhat annoying is the well-intentioned health tips of the animated Helferleins, which recommends, among other things, to chew your food.

The Wii Fit "- system certainly cannot replace personal or professional training. Especially for an effective cardiovascular training, the intensity of the exercises is not enough.

Especially for people who might otherwise spend their time in front of the television, "Wii Fit" is the first step towards a better body awareness and a healthier body balance. This target group is certainly not too small, making the "Wii Fit" an economic success.