What all Women Should Know About Their Bodies

What all Women Should Know About Their Bodies

We all know that men and women have very different bodies, but did you also know that the female's bodily needs are also very different? Women's bodies are unique in a way that they require much love and attention and hard work to keep healthy. In this article, Fitness.com gives women some eye-opener details to what they should know about their own bodies.

What reactions does the female body have when it consumes a glass of wine, has physical contact with a loved one, is sleep deprived, or digests fast food? If you are unsure of the answers to any of these questions, you are surely not alone. But, it is important to understand the female body and how it reacts to certain situations. After reading this article hopefully you will be able to think differently about how you go about your daily life as a woman, and how you treat your body on a regular basis.

When A Woman:

Misses her Beauty Rest:

She generally feels down and depressed, and cranky beyond belief. Even 1 crazy night with 4 hours sleep can really mess up your system. You will want to eat more food to regain energy and you will be more likely to want sweets to reboost. When you don't get the minimum amount of sleep required (they recommend 7 hours for a woman) your body also stops producing a growth hormone that helps to keep you looking younger. So make sure you get your beauty rest!

Eats fast food:

Her blood vessels will constrict. The saturated and trans fats that come from a greasy cheeseburger cause a woman's blood vessels to stay constricted for a minimum of 4 hours. This reduces blood flow, increases blood pressure, and cuts off oxygen to the body. And if you consistently eat this way you can have ongoing tightened arteries for life - which means a recipe for heart disease. If you get the urge to indulge in a Big Mac make sure that it is not a regular occurence, and only on the rare occassion.

Has a Smooch Fest:

It sets off a strong bodily reaction that actually reduces stress. Studies show that women who have had even a quick shoulder rub from a loved one before a life-rendering event, felt much less stress that those that didn't. Touching automatically releases oxytocin from the body - which is a hormone that is known to boost feelings of closeness and reduce overall pain. Suggestion: get touching your loved one!

Goes on a Fad Diet:

Her metabolism plummets. A weight loss plan may seem like a good idea, but the choice of a diet may not always be right for you. If you decide to massively cut back on your caloric intake, your metabolism will go down because your brain will send off signals that you are not getting enough food. Your body therefore holds on to the fat storage that is already being stored in the body, and then starts burning your muscle as fuel. This ultimately increases your body fat percentage. The best way to lose weight is to eat small well balanced nutritious meals several times a day and to not drop below 1200 calories. In addition, exercise and diet together will help you lose weight.

Has a Glass of Vino:

Nothing, until she has another glass. Studies show that having a glass of wine a day can be good for the heart. However, in the case of a woman, one glass is fine, but indulging in more than that can have negative effects on the body. Unfortunately unlike men who's stomachs have an alcohol digestive enzyme, women's do not, and having more than one drink can greatly stress out a woman's circulatory system. In fact, research has suggested that alcohol can also effect a woman's liver 3 times worse than a man's with the same amount of alcohol consumed.

So remember ladies, get your rest, lower your stress, eat to success, and drink wisely. From fitness.com, we wish you a happy and healthy life!