Sarah Jessica Parker's Guide to Staying Thin

Sarah Jessica Parker's Guide to Staying Thin

The South Beach Diet Plan

As the release date of the popular movie Sex in the City 2 is finally here, more and more women across the globe are flocking to see Carrie (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) and the girls' new adventures on the big screen. Sarah Jessica Parker draws in many die hard fans for her role as Carrie - a drama filled, hot bodied, New York fashion enthusiast whose life revolves around a core group of female companions, fashion, and of course, men. Unlike her female companion Samantha (played by Kim Catrall), who tends to bare it all, you can occassionally find Carrie in scenes in her underwear, revealing her perfectly fit 40 year old bod. So what is her secret to looking so great at her age? Read more to learn how SJP keeps so perfectly fit.

Sarah Jessica Parker's Exercise Routine:

One would think that Sarah Jessica Parker would be an early morning riser running 20 miles daily, doing squats and sit ups regularly, and taking exclusive advice from her own personal trainer the way she looks at her age. But SJP claims that her slender frame comes mostly from her genes, and her regular diet plan. Afterall, 95% of our weight comes from what we eat, and if you eat healthy you can easily stay at a healthy weight. Aside from having good genes and eating well, Sarah Jessica Parker says she makes sure she does every day exercise. Living in New York she walks everywhere along the busy streets, and she always takes the stairs instead of the elevator.

Sarah Jessica Parker & The South Beach Diet Plan:

So now that we know that SJP stays thin according to her diet, what does she eat? Although she says she will often crave junk food, and on the ocasion give in to her craving, she tries to stick to the South Beach Diet Plan. The South Beach Diet is simple in that it replaces bad carbs and bad fats with good carbs and good fats.

There are 3 phases to the South Beach Diet Plan:

Phase 1 - 2 weeks of strictness: This happens over a 2 week period of time (and is the most strict part of the diet), where you only eat the following foods: eggs, reduced-fat cheese, beans, vegetables, nuts, and lean meat. Foods that are completely banned in phase one are: rice, bread, pasta, potatoes, fruit, sugar, and baked products.

Here is a typical day with meals during phase 1:

Breakfast: glass of V8 juice, and poached eggs with spinach
Lunch: low-fat feta in tuna salad
Dinner: fish fillet or chicken breast with steamed veggies
Snacks: celery with low fat cottage cheese, nuts
Drinks: water, herbal teas

Phase 2 - Slow liberation of meals: This phase allows you to slowly add whole grains and fruit to your diet plan. The idea is to monitor your weight loss after Phase 1, and gradually add in the amount of grains and fruits that you want to your diet, at a comfortable level. Phase 2 is meant to increase your carbohydrate intake while continuing to lose weight, or staying at a comfortable weight. If you start to gain weight during this phase, return to phase 1 for a short period of time, and then slowly transition back to phase 2.

Phase 3 - All your life: At this stage you are happy with the changes that phase 1 and phase 2 have made to your lifestyle. By this time you should be comfortable with the diet plan you are following, the weight you are maintaining, and the minimal cravings that you should be having. If you start to gain weight again, you can always change this by starting at Phase 1 again and going through the phases to try and return back to your ideal weight.