Lewis Hamilton:  Fitness tips from the cockpit

Lewis Hamilton: Fitness tips from the cockpit

How Hamilton keeps his foot on the gas even off the race track

On Sunday November 2nd, Lewis Hamilton just may be the next youngest Formula 1 champion in world history. Lewis has already won 5th place in the Formula 1, and as a 23 year old Englishman has made his dreams already come true. Since winning, Hamilton has worked hard over the last year. He concentrated on his physical fitness in order to keep his concentration and his lightning fast reactions on target. These are especially essential when it comes to motor sports. But, how do successful sports racers keep fit? Fitness.com shows you how Lewis Hamilton stays fit and healthy for Formula 1 racing.

Motor cross is a competitive sport. Lewis Hamilton calls for enormous speed resulting in extreme forces that are unimaginable during a Formula 1 race. It is not all mentally challenging, but also physically challenging. Without strength and endurance, Hamilton could never have succeeded in Formula 1 racing. That's why he spends a great deal of time training outside the Formula 1 cockpit.

Before the season gets overly intensive, Hamilton invests 4-6 hours a day in physical fitness training. He does long bike tours alongside his assistants, walks, and trains at the gym. Hamilton likes variety when training: swimming, hiking, and skiing, seem to top the list. Hamilton can generally be found on ski tours before the motor cross season starts, engaging himself in dangerously steep hills – for him the perfect training, and best adrenaline rush.

During the motor cross season Hamilton has a specific fitness plan – and a great team to ensure that the racer complies. Between training phases in the Formula 1 wagon, there is a mandatory fitness program. On a normal day, they start Hamilton off with jogging. It is the perfect way for a sense of calm and collectiveness; something to keep his mind off the races. In contrast to the Formula 1 race itself, speed is not everything. Hamilton generally makes his move near the end of the race. During these races however, Hamilton's heart rate can be anywhere from 130-140 beats per minute: something similar to that of a professional athlete. To keep his nerves as calm as possible though, Hamilton never races without blasting the tunes of his favorites: Nas, Bob Marley, or Marvin Gayes.

Mc Laren's fitness trainer Gerry Convey says that not only does he respect the stamina of the drivers, but also their balance, agility, and strength. For racers, generally muscle focus is primarily on the forearms, neck, and neck area, as well as the back. It is important to have these muscles ready for the reactions of curves, switching, or braking heavily in Formula 1 races.

But, how is Lewis's diet? He claims that he miraculously was born with a great metabolism, since he has very little body fat. He says he could really eat anything, and still look the same. However, I think the intensive training he does; counter acts the effects of his diet.

From all at fitness.com, we wish the best of luck to Lewis!!