Optimize Your Workouts with Every Repetition

Optimize Your Workouts with Every Repetition

Expediting Your Fitness Results

Expedite your fitness results by using the right weight doing the right number of repetitions and doing the right exercises in the right order. The right trainer with the right program can get you through an awesome effective program in 30 minutes. He or she can do this by designing a program that reduces your transition time and downtime in between exercises and by increasing the program's effectiveness by throwing in a few supersets, which is basically doing two or more exercises that targets the same muscles(s).

Furthermore, you will increase your results from doing your sets (e.g. 12 reps) by focusing on doing each rep correctly, by focusing and concentrating on the muscle being worked. By concentrating on form, you will most likely find that you will have to use lighter weights. Nonetheless, you will no doubt feel more of a burn in the targeted muscle and you will also see results a lot sooner.

For the average person who just wants to tone-up and get to a healthy weight, big gyms and bulky equipment is not required. All that is required is knowledge, action and consistency or discipline. In a nut shell, the number and type of equipment used or the ambience of a gym or studio alone will not render results. How effectively you use the equipment and the fitness program designed for you will not only determine your results, but how quickly you will start to realize your desired results. Of course diet is also a major factor and can further expedite results. However, a large percentage of my clients have experienced noticeable results in muscle toning and fat reduction by training with me just two days per week and doing 20 – 30 minutes of cardio (e.g. running, biking, etc.) on their own two days per week without drastically changing their diets.

However, slight changes in your diet such as cutting back on sugars like sodas and ice cream and reducing your bad carbohydrates intake (e.g. bread, pasta, rice, etc.) coupled with an exercise program like the one I described above will get you to your fitness goals in the shortest amount of time and at the lowest cost.