Top Ten Fitness Gifts for Christmas on a Budget

Top Ten Fitness Gifts for Christmas on a Budget

We all know that fitness is the last thing on our minds around the holiday season; however keeping on a budget is. That's why it is great to pump people up with budget gifts focused on health and fitness. So, to help those around you keep healthy and fit, here are the top ten fitness gift ideas on a budget for your friends and family.

1. Fitness Socks ($3.00 to $15.00)

You can't go wrong with socks! This is a very useful but inexpensive gift you can easily buy for your family and friends. You can get high performance socks for particular activities as well, including Pilate's, Yoga, running, and even for diabetics.

2. Gym Towel ($5.00 to $15.00)

I don't know about you, but I like to change my gym towel every few months. That's why this makes such a great and easy gift. It is something that all gyms recommend having, and is very practical, and affordable.

3. Water Bottle ($5.00-$15.00)

This is another must-have fitness gift. Water is such an important part of our health, and a water bottle is certainly not only handy at the gym, or playing a sport, but also at work. You can never have too many water bottles, and with the creations they have come out with now, it would make such a great and easy gift!

4. Mittens or Gloves for outside runners ($5.00 to $15.00)

Other gifts that could easily make great stocking stuffers are mittens or gloves. These items are also useful during the day, and not only for fitness purposes. However, for the more serious athlete, specific gloves or mittens can be purchased that are geared for runners.

5. Fitness Sweat Bands ($5.00 to $15.00)

Also geared towards runners, fitness bands are great for outside runs, or at the gym on a treadmill. A lot of people don't realize how helpful these little bands are, but they make the greatest difference, and are easy gifts to give.

6. A Fitness Journal ($5.00 to $15.00)

Anyone and everyone that is serious about their health need a fitness journal. Whether it is for logging their caloric intake and watching their dieting habits, or keeping track of the exercises at the gym they did that day, journals are essential items.

7. A Gift Basket of Healthy Snacks ($10.00-$20.00)

This gift you can have a lot of fun with! Buy a basket from a gift store, or budget store, and fill it up with healthy nutritious snacks. Any health conscious person will truly appreciate this gift. I suggest putting in a variety of items to a balanced diet. Try their favorite fruits, veggies, their favorite nuts, some sugar free candies, and whatever else you can come up with!

8. Pilate's/Yoga DVD ($15.00-$20.00)

These are easy to find in any fitness store, online, or at any general store with a movie and electronics section – and there are so many to choose from. There are different fitness levels as well, so you may want to find out what level the person is at that you are buying it for before hand.

9. A Health Cook Book ($20.00-$40.00)

You could probably spend less on a cook book, but to get a good one you may want to spend a little more. Make sure of the nutritional information inside before just picking up any old recipe book. You can also focus on one particular thing – healthy desserts, healthy dinners, healthy snacks, etc, which is great if you know what the person likes that you are buying for.

10. Gift Certificate (your choice)

Finally, the gift that everyone loves! You can get a gift certificate to a number of fitness related places including: a gym, a spa, a sports facility, and these are only to start. You could also get a gift certificate for an online training program, a fitness magazine, a health and diet program, or a personal trainer.

Other Gift Ideas Outside the Budget:

11. IPOD

A popular gift that is outside the budget category is an IPOD. People use these to work out at the gym, and they can aid particularly when you are working out on your favorite cardio machine.

12. Bowflex Machine

Also going outside the budget is another great gift - the bowflex machine. If you want to spend quite a bit of money on someone, or even get a nice gift for yourself on boxing day - a Bowflex can be a great investment.

This list is just a start for those looking for Christmas ideas in the fitness world! I hope that they can help by fulfilling your Christmas wish list, or that of a loved one!

Jaclyn Cousins