Top Five Exercises for Getting Healthy Without Leaving the House

Top Five Exercises for Getting Healthy Without Leaving the House

Building good exercising habits can be a bit of a lifestyle change, but with these exercises it is plain to see that anybody can do them. You have no excuses to not create a more healthy lifestyle through exercise because you should not have to leave your house to do this. These exercises are going to make you feel much healthier and if you keep them up for a number of months, they should also bring down your stress levels to keep you emotionally healthy as well.

SquatsSquats are a very effective exercise for trimming your legs and buttocks. They can give you lean muscular features as well. To start, practice getting out of a regular chair using your arms as little as possible. Provided you can do at least a few repetitions, you should be providing your body with some incentive to start growing muscle in your legs and buttocks. As your muscles begin to grow, they will be able to lift you from a seated position numerous times and you will really start to see some results. Squats are a part of every single workout I do.

Crunches – Crunches are by far the best exercise you can do for your abdominal muscles without any equipment. They target the muscle group specifically and are quite effective at building mass and strengthening your abdomen. Crunches aren't necessarily a walk in the park but once you begin to see results, you will realize that all the hard work is really worth it in the end. If you are just starting to do crunches and add some muscle to your midsection, don't worry about getting your noggin all the way up to your knees. What is important when doing crunches is that you feel the stretching of your abdominal muscles and begin to feel them working after a few reps. As your muscles grow, you will be able to achieve much more muscle growth doing crunches.

Leg Lifts – Leg Lifts are an excellent and simple exercise that is great for building muscle mass in your legs and lower abdomen. To start, you will want to lay flat on your back with your arms at your side, and palms to the floor. Next, raise your legs until they are perpendicular to the floor without bending your knees. After you have reached the top of the repetition, lower your legs and before they hit the floor, start the next one. If the full extensions aren't possible, try bending your knees slightly to complete the exercise. After a few weeks of regularly pushing yourself with the leg lifts you are guaranteed to feel stronger and more solid in your lower abs and upper legs.

Pushups – Pushups are not fun. They have to be one of the most hated and feared exercises in the modern workout world. But their effect on the upper body should be reason enough for you to buck up and get on the floor. If a regular pushup from your toes isn't something that you think you can attempt at this point, you should try pushing off the walls at different angles instead of the floor. There are all sorts of products out there to help you with pushups but one of the easiest fixes is to do them from your knees instead of your toes. Any way you choose to do pushups, you will be building up your muscles in your arms and chest and eventually, you should be able to do one handed clapping pushups all day just like Rocky.

Running - Running is the most primitive form of exercise that you can do. It is our means of getting around and kept people fit for millennia prior to the invention of exercise. Running is by far my favorite form of cardiovascular exercise because of the way it makes me feel when I do it. Nothing else really gives me the high that running does. Running manages to get your heart rate up and begins burning calories immediately. Since running outside is not always an option you may consider a treadmill to keep you in shape. These days they make all different kinds of styles and options and can fit just about anywhere, so do your research on treadmills, as there is a lot to know. Once you have the treadmill right in your home you will have no excuse to not go for a run.

Hopefully some of these exercises get you into good and healthy habits, or at least cement already good habits at home when getting to the gym is not an option. If you can keep your nose down and work hard for a few months, you will definitely see results and that should be enough to keep you on the exercise train for years to come.