Coffee Houses – More Calories than McDonalds?

Coffee Houses – More Calories than McDonalds?

Ever think about how many calories are in your daily coffee in the morning? Most people don't. What you don't know is that most of these coffees weigh in at one fifth of your daily calorie intake.

Some coffees that were tested contained almost 400 calories. Among these those containing full-fat milk, cream, and chocolate were the worst.

Here is a list of some drinks that were tested and the caloric intake from each:

Mocha coffee with full fat milk
Skimmed milk cappuccino
Mocha coffee with semi-skimmed milk and whipped cream
Skimmed milk Café Latte
396 calories
370 calories
326 calories
71 calories

But, it's not only the coffee that brings in a large amount of calories; it is just as bad to grab a snack from these quaint little coffee houses. Some coffee house sandwiches contain more calories even than McDonald's burgers.

All the chocolate cakes from coffee houses contain virtually over 600 calories per slice. What is known as a fruity flap jack, or a fruit roll has about 423 calories, and a simple pickle and cheese sandwich an unbelievable 500 calories.

The recommended daily caloric intake for men is 2,500 calories, and for women it is 2,000 calories. A combination of one of these coffees combined with a snack can make up one half of your daily caloric intake.

Most places do have information about their products available, but they are not presented to the public. So, we have to be aware that choosing coffee and snacks at these places is not necessarily the best choice.