Only 15 Minutes to Workout?  No Problem!

Only 15 Minutes to Workout? No Problem!

Have you ever found you're strapped for time, facility and equipment but still would like to get in a workout? Try the program below to ensure you stay on track with your training and realize how much you can do when time and resources are limited.

Do the following exercises for the number of reps indicated and the order they appear. Perform 5 total sets taking 90 seconds rest at the completion of the final exercise. Each set should take anywhere from 1:30 to 3:00 depending on your fitness level and the intensity you put into the workout. If you are towards the faster end of the range you can complete the entire workout in 13 minutes 30 seconds or 21 minutes towards the longer end. Either way not a bad return for a small investment of 15-20 minute of your time. Here's the workout.

  1. 20 Prisoner squats (pictured below, you don't have to jump)

  2. 20 Push-ups

  3. 10 roll-outs (pictured below, do not let the low back over arch)

  4. 80 jumps with a skipping rope

  5. 90 seconds rest and start again at #1.


  • instead of jumping rope run a flight of stairs 5x

  • do 15 burpees

  • for the rollouts you can use a stability ball, an ab wheel, a barbell or towels on your hands on a hardwood floor


During your rest break flip over on your back and perform 10 T-spine stretches on each side to make even better use of your time.
Finish it all of with a mixed carb and protein recovery drink and you're good to go.

Give it a try and let me know your times and feedback.