Gravity Can Be Your Friend

Gravity Can Be Your Friend

Normally we think about gravity as a negative but it can actually help to protect us.
When we perform movements in the sagittal plane (think forward and back) gravity will slow us as we work against its pull. If you think of how a back extension is done we can see how gravity is opposite the direction of the movement.

Gravity also works against us us in the frontal plane (think side to side) as we perform a side bridge. Gravity slows us down as we move us into the up position.

However, performing an exercise in the transverse plane (think rotational) as we perform a cable chop, with our rotational movements gravity acts perpendicular to the access of motion and therefore does not help to decelerate the motion.

So since on rotational movements we do not have the benefit of gravity helping to slow down the motion at the end range we want to ensure we have stability in the sagittal and frontal planes first. Next start with slow tempo, short ranges of motion, short levers and minimal external load before challenging yourself more in the transverse plane.

Follow these tips in your training for optimal back health and increased performance in sports involving rotation.

All the best.