Tone Up with Gala

Fitness Expert

There's no denying that with the body conscience culture we live in, people all round the country would like to tone up or lose weight from some part of their body, but with our busy lifestyles it can often be hard to find time to hit the gym. Imagine a busy parent that works in an office environment who often struggles to find time to manage family life, hobbies and work pressures. There can't be much time to unwind and relax when work is done, let alone finding time to exercise. Or so we thought...

Thanks to Gala Bingo and their newly created infographic we now have routine that is not only effective, but can easily fit into your daily routine. Gala understand the importance of exercising and keeping in shape and make you feel like you. So, they've made you a workout combining some effective exercises to give you those toned arms, legs and stomach you want.

As with any exercise, the warm up is one of the most important parts. It helps loosen those joints and gets the blood pumping to your muscles getting you ready for the workout ahead. The most important factor of a warm up is that it helps decrease the chance of injury dramatically. So don't skip it! A good place to start would be with the seated leg raises. Do 20 of these to get the heart rate up and blood pumped to your muscles. Remember, form is key with all these exercises so make sure you stay seated and keep your back straight.

Once you're done with the warm up, it's time to move onto something more vigorous and intense - chair dips, perfect for tightening up those arms and fighting the dreaded bingo wings. Take a sturdy desk, or chair (avoid one with wheels!) and position your arms on the edge, as though you are sitting in mid-air. Slowly straighten your arms, lifting yourself up. Lower yourself back down and that's 1 rep. Repeat this for 10 reps each day, or as many as you can do, to start noticing a real difference.

Gala Bingo understand it's hard to fit in exercise when you've got a busy lifestyle on your plate, so use their infographic to help you fit in as much exercise as you can, be it at work, at home or wherever possible. A combination of this and a healthy balance diet and you'll see changes in no time.