Colon Health and Hemorrhoids

Colon Health and Hemorrhoids

Colon Cleanser

Most people who have suffered from hemorrhoids would tell you that they wished they had known better about colon health, about constipation, and about the possible consequences of straining during bowel movements.

Having knowledge about colon health can help you make smart choices now and in the future. Have you ever heard someone say "if you're constipated, don't strain!" Instead of straining you may want to seek alternatives to relieve yourself from constipation. Research shows if you are frequently straining or exerting pressure during bowel movements you may be at risk of developing hemorrhoids. The next time you find yourself straining for a bowel movement, think about this: straining during bowel movements puts pressure on blood vessels leading into the anal canal and rectum. Frequent straining during bowel movements may lead to hemorrhoids, or what is commonly called piles--veins around the anus or lower rectum that become swollen and inflamed.

Hemorrhoids are varicose veins. The veins bulge and can cause extreme discomfort especially if they are found outside the rectum. The inside of the anal canal has no pain sensors. Because of this you may not even be aware you have hemorrhoids inside the anal canal. You notice its effect after they have developed and may see signs such as traces of fresh blood in stools. If that happens, visit your doctor immediately.

Here are a few practical ways to support colon health:

  • Include adequate fiber in your diet.

  • Drink sufficient water.

  • Use an herbal colon supplement to promote regularity and support colon health.

Herbal Colon Cleansers: herbal colon cleansers can be a smart option for those interested in supporting a healthy colon and bowel regularity. An effective colon cleansing program can help to ensure that healthy microflora (good bacteria) prevails.An herbal colon cleanser like BeneCleanse can offer you the support you need. Its scientifically-based formula comprises of 3 stages. The initial cleanse helps evacuate accumulated waste from the colon. The secondary cleanse assists your body's natural detoxifying abilities. The third phase is a natural component that offers nutritional support through a careful blend of vitamins, minerals, fiber and probiotics to help promote regularity and support digestive, colonic and systemic health.

When you find yourself repeatedly straining during bowel movements, remember that it's probably not worth the effort. Instead, regular use of an effective colon cleanser could benefit your health in a number of ways. Refraining from straining may also be a good way to forestall hemorrhoids or avoid aggravating existing hemorrhoids is to keep yourself free from constipation.