Celebrity Women’s Famous Diets

Fitness Expert

Let's face it. Celebrities have the time, and no doubt they have the money to keep in great shape and eat healthy. Being in the public eye also gives them many reasons to do so. As role models in the media, and with people like us who would kill for Beyonce's thighs, or Jennifer Love Hewitt's breasts, what exactly are the celebs doing to their diets? Here's a little insight to some of Hollywood's most fit female celebs health secrets.

1. Claudia Schiffer

Now, we all know Claudia is a naturally beautiful woman, and 100% German. What we don't know is that Claudia sticks to eating steamed veggies for dinner and fruits strictly before the afternoon. While away from home she sticks to snacking on black grapes, and drinking tomato juices and tea. Generally not a meat eater, Claudia does eat the occasional meat, fish, or poultry dish.

2. Christie Brinkley

An all American model, celebrity Christie Brinkley keeps a healthy diet by being a vegetarian. She has absolutely no trace of junk food in her home, to avoid any sort of temptation. When she needs to lose weight quickly she resorts to a liquid diet, but snacks on sweet potatoes instead of chips or chocolate bars.

3. Gwyneth Paltrow

One would not think that Gwyneth needed to diet at all, but surprisingly she watches everything that she eats. She avoids any source of sugar or white flour, and generally follows a macrobiotic diet including vegetables, brown rice, and lean meats. She avoids eating any dairy products, and starts her days off with a yoga routine.

4. Madonna

This material girl not only dances her routines to keep in shape, but she does Ashtanga yoga, and follows a fairly strict diet. Shunning junk food, her diet is macrobiotic and consists of organic foods, and foods rich in lean protein.

5. Kate Hudson

During her pregnancy Kate gained a whopping 60 pounds, which was frowned upon immediately in the celeb world of gossip. This most likely gave her an incentive to quickly get rid of it, which she did in less than four months. How you ask? Kate went on a high protein diet eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day that were high in protein. She combined this with a regular exercise program including weight lifting and cardio. In the process she gained some amazing abdominals, now envied by most!

6. Jennifer Aniston

Known as having one of the sexiest bodies on television, Jennifer Aniston follows a diet called 40:30:30. The diet consists of 40% low glycemic carbohydrates (vegetables, beans, and fruits), 30% lean proteins (fish, poultry, tofu, beef, and low fat fairy), and 30% essential fats (nuts, seeds, and olive based oils). All make for a macrobiotic diet to keep weight low, as well as for proper balance of hormones.

It may seem that celebrities have more of an incentive to keep fit and healthy all the time. But, keeping a healthy diet plan also makes you feel good about yourself and gives your body the essentials that it needs. Use some of these tips and hey, perhaps you too can look red carpet worthy one day.