Bulging Veins: Are they Dangerous or Just Ugly?

Bulging Veins: Are they Dangerous or Just Ugly?

It usually starts with a knotted, bluish tinge of veins or capillaries visible just below the surface of the skin

It usually starts with a knotted, bluish tinge of veins or capillaries visible just below the surface of the skin. It could be on the on the legs, thighs or even seen under facial skin surfaces. These swollen capillaries are close to the skin's surface. They can cover a small or large area under the skin.

Aging veins appear as bulging, unsightly, twisted veins which may gradually grow and can make legs look lumpy and ugly.

Why Do Veins Become Visible and Ugly? All veins have one-way valves which work to keep the circulation of blood flowing towards the heart. These valves can become weak leading to a pooling of blood in the veins. This accumulation of blood enlarges the veins and shows up as bulging, visible veins.

The valves in the veins can become weak because of several reasons including:

  1. Age Occupation-related-jobs that require you to stand or sit for long hours may restrict circulation and put pressure on veins.

  2. Heredity Chronic constipation. In fact, hemorrhoids are a form of unhealthy veins. It mainly occurs due to constipation and constant pressure exerted on the veins in the anal area.

  3. Hormonal changes that occur especially for women during puberty, pregnancy or menopause.

  4. Being overweight.

  5. Overexposure to the sun.

Unsightly, Embarrassing Blemishes? Studies show that more women than men suffer from poor vein health. It is estimated that about 50 to 55 percent of women and 40 to 45 percent of the men in America suffer from poor vein health in some form or the other. For many people, aging veins can remain harmless-they just appear as unsightly blemishes on the skin, which can be extremely embarrassing. Because of this, many women avoid wearing short skirts or shorts and want to hide their skin. Many curtail their activities like beach going, or curtail their wardrobes – purchase only the kind of clothes that fully cover legs and aging veins. Such unsightly blemishes can even create feelings of low self-esteem. If you begin to see bulging, ugly veins, it might be time to take some action and start supporting healthy veins.

Aging Veins: How Dangerous Are They? If care is not taken, aging veins could lead to more serious complications. If vein health is neglected, it can lead to severe accumulation of blood in the veins. Because the one-way valves are weak, it slows down the circulation of returning blood to the heart. Doctors say this could possibly result in blood clots or infections. Blood clots can travel and if lodged in the lungs it may block the functions of the heart and lungs.Sores or skin lesions may develop on the surface of the skin where veins have weakened and function poorly. Aging veins are often associated with skin irritations, skin rashes, swelling, throbbing and cramping of legs especially at night. In its most advanced stage, it could even require surgery.

Proactive Measures to Support Vein Health: If you suffer from bulging veins or aging veins it is advisable to take proactive measures today to help strengthen the one-way valves in the veins and support healthy blood circulation. Balance your weight evenly on both legs and avoid sitting or standing for long hours. Exercise helps to increase blood circulation. In addition, several herbs have been well-studied for their role in supporting vein health. Well-known herbs like horse chestnuts have undergone scientific scrutiny. They show efficacy in helping to support circulation of blood in thelower legs. Gotu Kola helps to stimulate the growth of collagen and elastin especially in the inner layers of blood vessels. This helps to strengthen blood vessels and one-way valves. Butcher's broom supports healthy blood vessels. Herperidin is an antioxidant, a flavonoid in citrus fruits, known to support healthy blood flow in the body. Diosmin, another antioxidant, supports vein elasticity. Vein supplements, Vein Matrix, contain a blend of well-formulated nutrients and herbs that favorably support vein health.