Bulging, Ugly Veins? What Can You Do?

Fitness Expert
Are your veins reddish or bluish, threadlike veins that appear just below the surface of the skin. They can appear on any part of the body, hidden or conspicuous, but are often seen on legs. They are can cover a small or large patch of your body. Many times they are accompanied with a dull throbbing discomfort, burning sensation or heaviness in the legs. With or without discomfort, spider veins are unsightly blemishes on the skin. Since these types of unsightly bulging veins appear mostly in women due to hormonal changes, they can spoil the appearance of smooth, fine looking legs and cause them to look older or unattractive.Whether bulging veins are a bothersome discomfort or just unattractive, or both, there are several practical steps you can take.General Tips to Avoid Spider Veins!Wear support hose. This helps to relieve the discomfort of bulging veins and also provide venous support so that bulging veins do not develop.Maintain a healthy weight. Exercise regularly to get the blood pumping through the circulatory system.Put your legs up against a wall at a 90 degree angle to your torso for about 10 to 15 minutes a day. Or, try keeping your legs elevated on some extra pillows while you are sleeping at night. Eat a high fiber diet to avoid constipation which puts pressure on veins. Constipation is often associated with painful bulging veins and more serious complications.Wear low-heeled shoes. High-heeled shoes are believed to restrict the proper circulation of blood in the legs. Protect your face from the sun by using a sunscreen. Bulging, visible facial veins, especially in very fair-skinned people, could be caused by too much exposure to the sun.Avoid wearing tight-fighting clothes that could restrict circulation to your legs, tight jeans or girdles are good examples.Avoid crossing your legs if you have to sit for long hours. If your job requires you to stand or sit for a long periods, take a 15-minute break every 2 to 3 hours.Clinical and Surgical ChoicesSclerotherapy. This is the most popular vein therapy for treating unwanted bulging veins. In this procedure, a tiny needle is injected into each vein and a chemical is released which either closes up the vein or makes it collapse. Appearance of spider veins usually is unnoticeable after a month. This procedure has a 50 to 90 percent chance of obliterating veins. Laser Surgery. This procedure involves sending light pulses into the vein which closes the vein. Multiple sittings are required. More intricate surgical methods are used for large veins.Endovenous methods involving radiofrequency and laser ablation are used to treat deep veins. The energy produced heats up the blood vessel, shrinks it and causes it to close.Nutritional SupplementsThe foods we eat have a direct bearing on our health. There are certain foods which help certain functions of the body. For vein health, include plenty of berries in your diet. All kinds of brightly-colored berries have bioflavonoids containing antioxidant potency. Antioxidants help to keep blood vessels strong. Citrus fruits contain Vitamin C. Vitamin C is also an antioxidant and plays a role in the healthy circulation of blood. Green vegetables help to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and support venous health.In addition, several nutrients and herbs have been well-researched and have been traditionally used for supporting venous health:Diosmin – an antioxidant which supports the elasticity of veins.Hesperidin – an antioxidant in citrus fruits which helps to support healthy blood circulation.Horse Chestnuts – support blood circulation especially in the lower legsGotu Kola – supports the production of collagen and elastin especially the one-way valves in the inner walls of blood vesselsButcher's Broom – supports the healthy circulation of blood in the systemVein supplements like Vein Matrix, are well-formulated to support vein health. Taken regularly it can help support the healthy circulation of blood and healthy blood vessels. It basically provides nutritional support to help keep your legs looking healthy and beautiful!