Beta Prostate "Are You Prostate Proactive?"

Fitness Expert

If you are male and over 40, it's time to get proactive about prostate health. Men's health is a rising concern these days and an important reason that prostate health concerns are on the rise is simply because men are not taking enough proactive measures.

A Call to Action

Doctors recommend that men over forty get a complete prostate health check up done every year.
In addition, men over forty or those approaching their forties should take a greater proactive role to support prostate health.

North America has the highest number of medical cases related to prostate health. Europe follows. Among men in the United States, African American men, men with family history, and obese men are more prone to health concerns relating to the prostate. Although you cannot help genetic factors, once you know you are in danger particular category, this knowledge should urge you to take more precautionary measures at an early age.

Consider what being proactive may do for you:

  • May help you identify the signs of an aging prostate

  • Being proactive can help you decide it is time to nutritionally support your prostate health.

A Few Proactive Tips

Specific foods, nutrients and lifestyle are believed to play a major role in prostate health. Research in recent years reveals that diet and lifestyle modification may help to support a healthy prostate as well as diminish concerns arising from an aging prostate.

  • Nutrition: Men who are who eat at least 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day, with plenty of whole grain foods and limited intake of red meat are known to have better prostate health than men who subsist on red meat, saturated fats with little intake of fruits and vegetables.

  • Limit your intake of alcoholic beverages.

  • Weight Management: It is advisable to be at an optimal weight for your body to help maintain prostate health. The incidence of prostate disorder and being obese has been found to be directly related.

  • Increased physical activity. Health experts advise at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise. Kegel exercises specifically help strengthen and support healthy urinary flow and functions.

Prostate Supplements Play a Major Role in Proactive Prostate Healthcare

Being proactive also involves the use of prostate supplements to complement your diet. Prostate supplements that contain beta sitosterol should be considered as part of a regular proactive health regimen for maintaining prostate health. Beta sitosterol is a phytosterol, a natural plant nutrient, known to help delay or even retract the growth of an aging prostate. It is also known to relieve many of the discomforts associated with it.

A large body of scientific support affirms the use of beta sitosterol as a prostate supplement. Clinical trials along with advanced scientific research for more than forty years have led to strong suggestive evidence of beta sitosterol's efficacy in prostate health concerns, with little or no known side effects. You should consult your doctor and consider taking prostate supplements.

Super Beta Prostate, a superior, high-quality prostate supplement, contains 300 mg of pure beta sitosterol, which is the recommended daily dose. Minerals such as selenium and zinc are also known to play an active role in prostate health. Super Beta Prostate gives you a combination of such minerals, vitamins along with pure beta sitosterol for a complete form of nutrition for supporting prostate health.