Drink Your Vitamins!

Drink Your Vitamins!

Do you dread your morning routine? Along with breakfast and the morning news, you pop a number of vitamin pills--wishing there was some other way to take supplements. By the time you finish taking all your tablets, your may feel an uncomfortable heaviness in your stomach – and this even before your day has begun!

While everyone is familiar with the dilemma of swallowing vitamins, including stomach irritation, other news about tablets that you might not know about is the bio-availability. What is bioavailability? Not all the nutrients found in tablets are actually finding their way into your system. Especially if you are using inferior quality supplements or poorly formulated tablets, much of it, specifically 30 to 40 percent of it, is simply going down the drain. That's because tablets contain nutrients in a form that needs to be broken down in the intestines in order for them to be absorbed into the system. They also contain excipients, (binding agents used to "glue" ingredients together and coat them for easier swallowing.) In inferior quality supplements, it is often the excipients themselves that deter the breaking down of nutrients. Some vitamins make it so that hardly any of the nutrients are digested.

So how do you counteract this loss of nutrition in your vitamins? Definitely liquid vitamins are a better proposition. But recent advanced technology has developed an even better variety of vitamins that can be drunk. Effervescent multi vitamins are an innovative way to take your daily dose of nutrients. Effervescent vitamins add an exciting fizz to your morning vitamin ritual!

Benefits of Effervescent Multi Vitamins

Effervescent multi vitamins are an innovative concept with numerous benefits over the conventional tablet forms:

  • Effervescent vitamins are more bio-available. There is almost 100 percent bio-availability of nutrients in effervescent vitamins. Contrast that with tablets that offer only 60 to 70 percent bioavailability.

  • Effervescent multi vitamins come in powdered form and need to be mixed with water or a fruit juice. As soon as this happens, carbon dioxide is produced. Carbon dioxide actually helps in the better absorption of nutrients.

  • Effervescent vitamin helps to form a balanced pH in the intestines. This also enhances the absorption of nutrients. Some vitamins and minerals need the perfect pH in order for absorption to take place. Effervescence provides this balanced pH.

  • Effervescent vitamins are known create less gastric disturbances.

  • It's delicious! You can mix this vitamin in a glass of water or fruit juice. It makes a great refreshing drink to start the day. The fizz and bubbles add a bright sparkle to your morning routine!

It's great for people who cannot take tablets, those who find it difficult to swallow; or those who are just bored with taking a number of tablets every morning and want a break.

Effervescent Multi Vitamins are Packed with Nutrients

Effervescent multi vitamins are usually packed with nutrients. Tablets have limitations in size. Tablet manufacturers cannot pack in too many nutrients into a tablet as the size becomes too big to swallow. That's why many people revert to taking numerous tablets – one for every different need. Effervescent multi vitamins pack in minerals, vitamins, amino acids, CoQ10 for energy production and other nutrients that help support immune and heart health. It's one easy way to get all the nutrients you need for a range of health benefits.

MultiVescence provides all these nutrients in individual packets. These are great to take with you wherever you go. Some people use an effervescent multi vitamin as a pick-me-up during stressful days when they need more energy. Being effervescent, MultiVescence goes directly into your system, giving an immediate energy boost!