Ways to Fight off Unwanted Smells

Ways to Fight off Unwanted Smells

Probably the most common odour complaints are as follows: bad breathe, smoke smell, booze from a hangover, body odor, foot odor, and fish smells.

Now, fitness.com will give you some tips on how to quickly and easily get rid of these fairly common odor problems.

For bad breath:
the easiest solution to bad breath is a packet of salt. This mixed with warm water will help neutralize the acidity in your mouth that causes bad breath. Don't just swish it in your mouth either, gargle. Most bacteria that causes bad breathe is behind your tongue at the back of your mouth. If you don't have any salt near you, gargle warm water. It will still help rid you of the bacteria.

For smoke smell:
The best deodorizer for second hand smoke smell is hot air. If you are out in public, go to the restroom and put yourself under the hand dryer. The hot air helps vaporize smoke molecules and will also help pick up and carry off any other smoke causing molecules. If you have long hair, toss your hair under it too and then blast your coat.

For the morning after hangover smell:
Drink two glasses of pink grapefruit juice. Grapefruit juice helps to activate the liver enzymes that make alcohol metabolize faster. This alone will help the liquor smell leave your body quicker. Avoid darker beverages too. These tend to promote a greater odor and bad breathe.

For Body Odor:
There is nothing more you can do than go to the restroom and dab your pits with paper towel. Grab two towels and put some hand soap on each towel. Then wet one of the two soapy towels. Go into a stall, scrub your pits with the wet towel, and then wipe your skin with the dry soap towel. This will kill off the bacteria, and leave you with enough scent to get through the day.

For Foot Odor:
Use cologne or aftershave on your feet, and you won't make others faint when you put your feet up. A dime size of aftershave or cologne placed into the insoles or your shoes should do the trick. Usually if your feet smell it's due to shoes gone bad over time. You may just want to invest in some new shoes to avoid the smelly feet trauma.

For fish smell:
The best deodorizer to get rid of that powerful fish smell is a powdered bleach substance like Comet. If you mix a bit of Comet with water forming a thin paste, rub that between your hands, and then rinse with hot water, the substance can help neutralize the smell and vaporize the odor of fish.

We hope these odor minimizing solutions can come to use some way in your life!