10 Best Tips For Gaining Mass

Fitness Expert
Are you a hard gainer? Or are you someone who is having the desires to be big, huge or just want to stand out in a crowd? No matter what your reasons are for gaining size stop reading articles and workouts out of a magazine! Stop spending money on all different types of supplements (without knowledge of which ones actually work) that may or may not work for you! Follow these 10 steps for gaining mass and continue on the path of natural growth:

1. Remember the old adage of "you are what you eat." Well remember this the next time you drive by a fast food establishment, gas station market or the likes. If you consume garbage that is processed then your body will resemble processed garbage.

2. Know your metabolism. If you have a slow metabolism, then eat for a slow metabolism.

3. Reps for weight lifting should remain in the 4-8 category with heavy weights.

4. Keep your tempo for weight lifting as 3-1-3 to 4-1-4.

5. Keep weight lifting tension to 60 seconds or less. This will allow you to produce more testosterone.

6. LESS equals MORE! Keep your workouts to more than 45 minutes when lifting heavy weights.

7. Cardio is a must. Cardio will allow you to shed the unwanted Body Fat and allow you to appear bigger.

8. Lift according to your fitness goals. If you tend to be more "toned" than "huge" lift with higher reps with lower reps. If you intend to be "large" then lift heavier weights with less reps.

9. Supplements and other muscle building products can help you achieve mass.

10. Mass is easy to gain when you lift correctly, don't waste years trying to reach your goals. Set up a workout plan and invest in supplements that work.