What to Look for in Effervescent Multivitamins?

Fitness Expert

Tips for choosing an effervescent multivitamin product.

Effervescent dietary supplements are creating quite a fizz in the health and wellness industry of America. Popularity of these supplements is seen in the number of products that are available in the market today since 2005. More and more are geared to specific demographics and specific nutritional concerns. Effervescent health products have become more popular because there is more awareness amongst the American public about the advantage of effervescent technology. Effervescent products have 100% bio-availability and therefore offer 100% absorption. The presence of carbon dioxide enhances the permeability of these nutrients through the intestinal lining. The perfect combination of acid and alkaline forms just the right pH for the absorption of all these kinds of nutrients.

It is important to know what to look for in choosing an effervescent multivitamin product. Here are some helpful tips.

Consider your Health Needs. Consider what you would look for in a multivitamin supplement, besides a broad spectrum of multivitamins. You should be looking for a supplement that could address some major health issues that are common to most people, such as a supplement that would support:

  • Immune health
  • Digestive health
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Bones and Joint health
  • Boost energy levels
  • Antioxidant power

Eliminate the Need of Taking Several Supplements. Look for a vitamin supplement that contains more than just vitamins. You could cut down on a number of supplements that you are taking for specific health issues if you took a multivitamin supplement which addresses most major health issues.

Look for these ingredients:

  • Powerful antioxidants. These come in the form of Vitamins A, C and E. Antioxidants play a major role in cellular health and help to slow down the process of aging. They can help to boost the immune system. Vitamin A is known to support healthy skin, eyes, bones, teeth, hair and a healthy reproductive system.

  • Selenium and zinc also support immune health.

  • Niacin, CoQ10, potassium and other minerals help to support cardiovascular health and normal blood pressure.

  • Zinc and L-Arginine help support sexual health.

  • Calcium and Magnesium support joint and bone health, as well as heart health

  • Vitamin B complex used for boosting energy levels. Folic Acid which is B9 is needed for growth, development and formation of nucleic acids that form DNA.

Bioflavonoids and L-Glutamine help to provide immune support.

In addition to these, a supplement may contain amino acids, for protein. Remember a combination of different nutrients work in synergy to provide maximum health benefits.

Convenience. Once you've identified the nutrients for your specific health needs, look for convenience. Many of these effervescent products are available in individual packets for convenience and portability. One of the major reasons we take vitamin supplements is because of our hectic lifestyles. We have little time to eat well. So choosing a supplement which is easy to carry wherever you go should be a priority. Keep some in your office, or in your handbag. Whenever you require nutrition, any time of the day, you can prepare a healthy drink...

Ease of Use. Most effervescent vitamins are easy to use, but a powdered form is preferable to a tablet. Powder dissolves very easily in water. Some effervescent tablets can take less than 2 minutes to dissolve in water.

Purity of Ingredients. Effervescent powders contain no binding agents. A powdered effervescent supplement is better than an effervescent tablet. Although tablets can be non-coated they still contain chemical binding agents. A powdered form is purer.
MultiVescence is an effervescent powder with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and CoQ10. When mixed with water, or any fruit juice, it forms an delicious, nutritious effervescent drink to boost health.