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Fitness Expert

I love the title of this email. I mean I'm sure I heard a colleague use it at some point and now I am using it as my own. Why am making this point? Let me explain.

At one time I thought that it made sense to learn from your mistakes and while I still think that it's important to not repeat your mistakes there is a better way. The better way is to model success. Rather than try every strategy possible for a given task, look to those who are the best in your field and model what they do. You still want to modify the end product and customize it to fit your needs but you are still further ahead to use what already is known to work and then try to improve upon it.

With that in mind I have been racking up some serious air miles over the past few months traveling to California, Colorado, Tennessee and Washington to learn and network from the best in the areas of health and fitness. It's as though you have an extended network of specialists working for you including:

  • world renowned sprint coach Loren Seagrave
  • functional training guru JC Santana
  • fat loss specialist Alwyn Cosgrove
  • nutritional biochemist John Berardi
  • functional anatomy genius Michol Dalcourt
  • not to mention the s&c coaches of the Ducks, Avalanche, Wild (NHL), Seahawks, Falcons, 49ers (NFL), Trail Blazers (NBA) plus countless CIS, NCAA and Olympic level coaches, therapists and trainers

Committed to providing you the best in health and fitness.

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