The Zone Diet – The number 1 Celeb Diet

Fitness Expert

People often ask this question over and over, and today I am going to answer it. What is the most popular diet that celebrities use? The answer is the Zone Diet. Celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore, Sandra Bullock, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cindy Crawford, Charlie Sheen, and Ben Stiller, to complete only a short list, all favour this miraculous diet.

Not only is the Zone Diet the most popular searched diet on the internet over the last four or five years, but it has remained on the top 1500 book list for Amazon books. But, why is this diet so popular, especially among celebrities?

For starters, celebrities, business professionals, and most significantly wealthy people, use diet food delivery service. If you can get nutritious food delivered to your front door daily, why even think twice about grocery shopping or cooking? You can avoid those temptations at the grocery store, and have somebody cook nutritious meals for you on a regular basis.

But, aside from this, what exactly is the Zone Diet? I will explain this further:

The Zone Diet consists of eating a balanced ratio of carbohydrates (40%), fat (30%), and proteins (30%). This controls your insulin production, therefore allowing you to lose weight and still eat great tasting foods.

Most Zone Dieters however use specific recipes that comprise of low carbohydrates, but where proteins do not dominate the carbohydrates. This allows dieters to gain energy from carbohydrates instead of protein or fat.

It is also essential to keep a close eye on your caloric in take. Staying in the Zone means having a meal that does not exceed 500 calories or a snack over 100 calories.

There are many benefits that come from this diet other than weight loss as well. The Zone diet is known to enhance overall health, improve energy, and mental clarity.

This gives you more of a reason to try it, other than to look as fit as the celebs!