The Muscle Code

The Muscle Code

10 Principles to follow for an attractive muscular physique

Today, bodybuilders are oversized and carrying too much muscle for their frames, distorting the natural lines of the body. As an alternative, The Muscle Code provides secrets to building an attractive muscular physique; a body appreciated not only by bodybuilders, but the average man or woman.

The Code

Muscles are built not by volume of work, but by the energy put into that work. Growth occurs when intensity increases.

Bodies adapt quickly, so keep changing the way you work out. Explosive movements, supersets, negatives, max out, etc.

Balanced Diet
Eat all food groups: Protein, Carbohydrates, Dairy, Vegetables and Fruit. Excess protein is bad for the liver and cannot be fully digested.

Do Not Over Train
If you are working out longer than 30 minutes, you are not working hard enough. 30 minute workouts 3 or 4 times a week is sufficient.

Sleep is Sacred
Adequate sleep is more important than proper nutrition in fully repairing muscle. 8 hours a night is ideal.

Strive to achieve clarity of each muscle group, with no muscles sticking out. This requires not working out certain muscles and prioritizing weaknesses.

Create the X-Frame
Wide shoulders, wide lats, small waist and hips, flaring sweep on the thighs and diamond-shaped calves, with proportionately developed arms and chest.

Muscle Function
While training a muscle, focus on that muscles function. Helps work entire muscle and forces you to lift the weight, not throw.

No Steroids
Steroids make you look puffy from water weight and are harmful. An intense Leg workout is a better way to increase testosterone in your body.

Bodybuilding is about Progress, not Perfection. Be persistence and enjoy the small victories.