The Advantages of Effervescent Vitamins

The Advantages of Effervescent Vitamins

Effervescent vitamins- A great new way of taking vitamins

Have you ever tried the effervescent variety of vitamins? This great new way of taking vitamins adds an exciting fizz to the dull routine of popping vitamin pills. Pour a packet of vitamin powder into a glass, add water, and enjoy a delicious dose of nutrition! This novel concept of taking vitamins is already a craze in Europe and, going by statistics, it is gaining popularity in the American health industry. A report from the Nutrition Business Journal states that about fifteen percent of supplements sold in the United States between 2005 and 2008 were effervescent products.

What are the advantages of taking effervescent vitamins?

Ingredients are 100% Bio-available. One of the most important advantages is that the ingredients in effervescent formulations are 100% bio-available, as compared to synthetic vitamins which are said to be only 50%-70% bio-available depending on various factors. The rest is simply passed through your body. In contrast, all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in effervescent technology are already in a form that can be quickly digested upon ingestion. This allows for 100% absorption. This is especially critical for the aged and those with weak digestive systems.

The intrinsic bio-availability of effervescent vitamins has a distinct advantage over tablet form synthetic vitamins. Tablets need to be broken down into smaller pieces within in the digestive system in order for them to be absorbed through the intestinal lining. In an effervescent vitamin the ingredients are already in a bio-active state and absorption of these nutrients into your system is 100%.

The Presence of Carbon Dioxide Enhances Absorption. The permeability of the nutrients is actually enhanced by the presence of carbon dioxide. The chemical combination of the vitamin powder when mixed in water results in the effervescence of carbon dioxide. This chemical equation alters the paracellular pathway in the intestines and helps nutrients to be more quickly absorbed through the intestinal lining. It does this by reducing the thickness of the mucus layer lining the intestinal wall. Loosening the junctions between cells causes structural change in the cell membrane allowing it to better absorb and pass hydrophilic substances. Eichman & Robinson offer positive research on this subject and have demonstrated the potential of carbon dioxide in promoting the transportation and increasing the permeability of cellular membranes in the absorption of dietary supplements.

Creates a Buffered Solution. Effervescent vitamins form a buffered solution. When mixed in water it forms the perfect pH – the perfect ratio of acid and alkaline, so that nutrients can be easily absorbed. For instance, calcium carbonate tablets or liquid can pass undissolved in a stomach that is more alkaline. Calcium carbonate needs an acidic pH to be dissolved. Those with a more alkaline pH are not able to dissolve calcium carbonate and it passes through the digestive system without being absorbed. Effervescent formulas provide a balanced pH balance when mixed with water. Thus when the effervescent vitamin drink enters the digestive system it optimizes the stomach pH buffering it to create the perfect pH for the absorption of all kinds of nutrients. This is also true for amino acids, which can be denatured in a low pH environment.

Consistent and Reliable Dose. Effervescent vitamins are more stable than their liquid or tablet counterparts. This means the formulation gives you a consistent and reliable dose each time you take it. As against tablets or liquid forms of vitamins, the ingredients in effervescent forms are already evenly distributed in the solution and localized concentrations cannot occur.

More Active Nutrients. Effervescent technology also increases the ability to package a higher volume of active ingredients as compared to tablets. This allows larger amounts of multiple minerals and vitamins to be put together for easier absorption.

Effervescent Vitamins are Easier to Swallow. This is particularly advantageous to the elderly who may find it difficult to swallow tablets. It is also an advantage to people who take a number of tablets. Taking an effervescent vitamin can be a relief to such people and requires the same amount of water as would be required for swallowing a tablet.

Gentle Action, Less Stomach Upsets. Effervescent form of supplementation is known to be gentle on the digestive tract, causing less stomach and esophageal disturbances.

Convenient to Carry. It is a known fact that liquid vitamins are easier to absorb. But liquid form of vitamins can be difficult to carry around. Effervescent vitamins come in a tablet or powder in packets. These are easy to carry with you, and easier to travel with.

No Chemical Binding Agents. A powdered effervescent form of vitamin is better than an effervescent tablet. Tablets need a chemical binding agent, powders do not.

Great Taste! They also taste a lot better and are just more fun to take than the conventional method of vitamin supplementation!

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