Targeted Training for Women

Targeted Training for Women

Execises for Women

As a retired bodybuilder and personal trainer, I often am asked by my female clientele what are the best exercises that I can do at home or in the gym. I would say the following four exercises target key problem areas for women, and the great thing is that these require no equipment, and can be done anywhere.

  • Walking Lunges
    Target: Front thigh, back thigh and glutes)

  • Glute Bridge
    Target: Glutes

  • Abs Floor Crunch
    Target: Stomach

  • Body Push Ups
    Target: Chest, arms and shoulders

You must Super set the four exercises back to back for a total of 4 circuits non-stop (Beginners 60 sec break between each circuit). If you don't know what Walking Lunges, Glute Bridge, Ab Floor Crunch, Body Push Ups or Super sets are, please visit our site for more information.

Now it's easy to give routines like this, now is the time to make some changes for the better, try implementing some workout routines with better eating habits. Working on your fitness and nutrition together, will give you much better results much faster.

As far as the ladies are concerned, what I do a lot with my female clientele is put a daily meal plan with 5 small meals throughout the day. Those are a combination of protein, carbs, and healthy fats. I will have them consume starchy carbohydrates on meal 1 and 2, then switch to the fibrous form on meal 3, 4, 5.

Some of the best forms are:

Starchy sources: Oatmeal, yams, and brown rice
Fibrous: All veggies and salads

Jamo Nezzar is a retired professional bodybuilder, internationally renowned personal training expert, and founder of JamCore Training™. As a personal trainer for over 20 years, Jamo has worked with a wide variety of top athletes, celebrities, and everyday fitness enthusiasts. Whatever the sport or activity, Jamo brings a wealth of knowledge, creativity and experience to his clients.