Detoxification through movement

Fitness Expert

Many people have the urge to undertake a cleanse or detoxification program as a means to kick-start a weight loss goal. The diet recommendations that accompany many of the detoxification programs virtually assure the participant will be consuming fewer calories than normal through fasting, meal replacements, or food selections that are less calorically dense. Detoxification programs have other benefits that are sought after by the consumer, however; weight loss tends to be a main long term objective.

The majority of detoxification programs available last from 1 week to 3 weeks and will be accompanied by varying food recommendations. Most of these recommendations are not realistic to be continued on an ongoing basis due to a low caloric value, however; many of the eating principals can be adapted as part of a “clean” eating plan that is heavily plant based and low on processed foods.

Incorporating regular exercise is a very important part of a body detoxification program. The human body craves and needs movement. Exercise is ideal for helping the body’s own systems to flush toxins from joints and muscles. A moving muscle and joint allows the body to move stagnant biochemicals out of the extremities and back to the built in detoxifier known as the liver.

Chiropractic treatment is also very important for helping the detoxification process on both a chemical and physical perspective. From a physical perspective, Chiropractors concentrate on areas of the body (particularly the spine) that are not moving properly. The goal of a typical chiropractic treatment is to restore proper motion and function into joints and muscles. From a chemical level, restoring movement into these areas can help decrease the amount of a pain causing neurotransmitter called Substance P. By reducing this neurotransmitter, chiropractic treatment is able to help decrease the nervous system sensitivity, improve mood and decrease stress and anxiety. Many Chiropractic doctors are also experts in exercise prescription and rehabilitation, therefore if you are starting an exercise program as part of a detoxification and wellness program, consulting your Chiropractor for advice is a great idea.

Chiropractors are also able to make recommendations on appropriate supplementation and nutrition. Good nutrition is a key part of injury recovery and performance. Optimizing what you are eating and drinking will help you achieve your health goals.

Dr. Marc Nimchuk
Kelowna Chiropractic