Resistance Band Exercises

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The resistance band is an amazing product that has a very unique physical property which is known as variable elastic potential. Basically the way it works is that the more you stretch the band the more resistance will be applied, and the faster it will snap back. You will find that the resistance bands because of the elastic approach, will build up the speed in your body in comparison to weights.

Resistance band exercises are a great alternative to any type of fitness exercise that create impact on the body. An instance where it may be useful is with multiple sclerosis patients who can barely walk. They will be able to utilize the resistance bands to keep the blood flowing through their legs by doing a few stretches with the band wrapped around one of their feet.

The resistance band provides a great alternative for all individuals in society, and some of its advantages are as followed:

• Excellent for muscle build up and toning of the muscles.

• Increases one's flexibility and range of motion.

• Eases the discomfort for sufferers of any movement disabilities due to its low impact activities.

• Great for rehabilitation patients who need to recover from an injury.

• Resistance bands can be used by all types of people, varying in heights, weight and age. This includes children as well!

• Use can be instant as there is no setup time, so therefore faster results will occur.

• Very inexpensive so affordable by all.

• Very portable ensuring your workouts can be undertaken in all types of environments.

• Resistance bands can be purchased in varying resistances, so as you improve you can opt for a more difficult band.

• Core muscles are engaged during your workout unlike other traditional strength training exercises.

• Can target the hard to hit muscles unlike most weight routines. In particular the fast twitch fibre muscles in your body are targeted.

• Can shorten the length of the resistance band and this can make the exercise harder to do.

• Can implement sport focused activities such as trying to improve your golf swing or pitching a baseball. Really builds the muscles in the areas that you should be focusing on for these sports.

Obviously a resistance band workout is not going to get all the results that you need. Because it's used more for toning exercises you need to combine the workout with mild aerobic exercises as well as a healthy diet. By doing this you will notice results much faster, and obviously achieve better results.

Just like with all pieces of fitness equipment you need to warm up your muscles and joints before applying any type of resistance. A warm up can be for example performing the exercise without the exercise band. There are so many different resistance band exercises that this article would not be able to cover in such a short time. If you search the term "resistance band exercises" on google you will have an unlimited source of workout images and routines at your fingertips. Don't hesitate any longer, pick up a resistance band today and start achieving results in the different parts of your body today!

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