Fitness Trends for 2010!

Fitness Expert

Celebrate the New Year with a unique way to stay healthy and fit.

Are you looking for something new and innovative to change your regular fitness routine? Well, so is! Our experts have searched and found some new ideas that you just may not have come across yet, and that might spark your interest. So here we have's new fitness trends to try for 2010. Have a look!


What is this foreign word called Spynga you ask? Well, it is exactly what you get when you combine your typical spin class with a yoga class. It is the most unique blend of fitness that gives you the fat-blasting cardio workout from your spin class, with the relaxation and harmony of yoga. Classes usually start with an hour of intense spinning on the stationary bike, and then transferring to the mat for some Vinyasa yoga. Focus then revolves around breathing and movements through a variety of yoga poses.

Fluidity Bars

If you want to focus on stretching, resistance, and strength, than the Fluidity Bar just might be your bet. However, fluidity bars can be quite expensive starting around 240.00$ US, which generally includes a beginner DVD and diet guide. Using the bar you include moves that are both seated and standing for litheness and strength. Muscle groups aren't isolated like they are in Pilates or normal weight training, so that muscle gain is proportionate. But if cardio work-outs are what you are after the Fluidity bar may not be the right choice, although it can be easily paired up with cardio activities that increase your heart rate.


Yes these machines have been known to resemble medieval torture devices, but dancers will swear by these machines that they are ‘the new yoga'. Known as the Gyrotonic Expansion System or the GSX, these machines take movements from dance, tai chi, yoga, gymnastics, and swimming for an all around fitness experience. They work towards the improvement of balance, flexibility, as well as muscle strength, with a variety of fancy tension cords and pulleys.

These are just a look at a few new fitness trends for 2010! Stay tuned for more new and innovative ways to working out with! Happy New Year!