Demand for Organic Products amongst Pet Owners Increases in Wake of Peanut Butter Recall

Demand for Organic Products amongst Pet Owners Increases in Wake of Peanut Butter Recall

Organic Products for Pet Owners

Are dogs and cats immune to salmonella contamination? The answer is no! Your family pets are just as susceptible to contracting salmonella as human beings. Pets can also be carriers of salmonella increasing the risk of cross contamination between pets and human beings. In the light of the recent peanut butter product recall, companies that offer organic pet products and have GMP-certified manufacturing units are finding themselves in higher demand.

The recent scandal and scare of contaminated peanut butter products have driven consumers to think twice about the products they purchase and the manufacturing practices employed by companies. Can they be trusted? How can a consumer ensure that the product purchased is safe for consumption for the entire family, including the family pet? Many consumers now feel safer choosing products that are organic-certified and are produced by a GMP-certified company. This ensures high standards of quality control and quality assurance.

According to the US Food and Drug Administration, the recent salmonella contamination originated from a plant in Georgia that produces peanut products in mass production to sell in bulk to various distributors. As a result, more than hundreds of companies have recalled their products from the shelves. The FDA reported that the Georgia-based manufacturing plant was "not compliant with current good manufacturing practices required by the FDA". They also reported lack of quality control measures in cleaning procedures and failure on the company's part to take action for mitigating contamination in their facility.

The contamination has led to serious cases of salmonella infections. All-out efforts are being taken to contain the infection by public awareness and recalling products that can trace their peanut-related ingredient to the Georgia-based plant in question. A number of Pet products containing peanut paste from this plant have also been recalled.

Organic Pet Products-A Quality Choice

With a broad spectrum of choices for organic pet products, more consumers are turning to organic pet products which, they feel, can be fully trusted for safety and health.

A broad category of organic pet products include:

  • Organic Dog Food / Cat Food
  • Organic Pet Treats
  • Grain-Free Pet Foods
  • Dry Pet Foods
  • Canned Pet Foods
  • Low Fat Pet Foods
  • Senior Pet Foods
  • Puppy Treats
  • Organic Gourmet Foods
  • Organic Grooming and Hygiene for Pets
  • Organic Pet Flea Treatments

There's an endless variety of options for organic pet products. The trend towards Organic products, even in organic pet foods is continually on the rise.

Premium Organic Pet Product Manufacturing

If you are pet product manufacturer using a contract manufacturer to produce your products, the recent peanut butter product recall should raise a red flag. Is your contract manufacturer following strict GMPs? Are raw materials being inspected for quality before being taken into the facility for production? Are there quality control measures in place in every stage of production? No one wants a lawsuit to deal with and the price to pay is irrecoverable in terms of loss of reputation and other legal hassles.

If you find manufacturing facilities questionable, you may want to consider shifting your business to an organic, GMP-certified contract manufacturer for your pet product manufacturing. Placing your manufacturing needs with a GMP-certified contract manufacturer leaves you free to focus on expanding and enhancing your business.

Rising Demand for Organic Pet Products

Organic pet products have shown a steady rise in demand over the last decade.

According to Global Industry Analysts, Inc. the attitudes of pet owners are changing. A growing number of pet owners consider their household pets as a part of the family and entitled to equal benefits with other members of the family. More pet owners are concerned with health and nutrition for their pets. This has led to the pet food sector being the fastest rising in the food industry. Pet owners are looking specifically for preservative-free organic, natural products that offer high quality nutrition and health for their pets.

More consumers realize they have more control over health and nutrition issues for their pets by choosing products that are organic and produced by a reliable company. Good health and nutrition are worth the price.