NattoKinase and Other Nutrients for Maintaining Normal Blood Pressure

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Blood pressure health is a major concern for many Americans as statistics continue to escalate. According to the CDAC, more than one-third of the adult American population have fluctuating blood pressure and it is estimated that another 21 percent have highly variable blood pressure but are not aware of it. While there are various controllable factors and measures we can adopt to maintain normal blood pressure, several breakthroughs in research are proving to be very promising in our drive to maintain normal blood pressure. This research and its benefits for heart health are found in blood pressure supplements or blood pressure vitamins.

One such break-through nutrient is NattoKinase (NSK). For centuries the Japanese have been including NattoKinase in their diet to support immunity and a healthy heart. Natto is a cheese-like substance made from boiled and fermented soybeans. NattoKinase is a specific enzyme that is found in Natto.

History of NattoKinase

Legend has it that it was the warrior, Minamoto no Yoshiie, who first discovered NattoKinase. It then became a regular part of the Japanese diet in the early seventeenth century. NattoKinase was discovered by modern science in the 1980s through the research work of Dr. Hiroyuki Sumi in Chicago. The term "NattoKinase" was coined by him. It has been studied over the past 30 years with very successful, though not conclusive results. The process of approval from the FDA is long and drawn out and takes several decades of research. In the meanwhile, NattoKinase is available to us in the form of blood pressure supplements along with other blood pressure vitamins. It is interesting to note that today, in spite of having a higher incidence of smoking, Japan still ranks lower in instances of deaths related to cardiovascular health than the United States. Many experts have attributed this to diet, particularly in the form of NattoKinase.

Scientific Support of NattoKinase

There is strong suggestive evidence from research that indicates the use of Nattokinase as a nutrient for specifically supporting healthy blood pressure. In fact, since this nutrient has had highly successful results with little or no known side effects, even doctors are known to recommend this natural, nutritional support. Blood pressure supplements containing NattoKinase and other vital blood pressure vitamins may be used by people who are prone to blood pressure fluctuations or those who simply want to maintain healthy blood pressure.

Blood pressure supplements containing NattoKinase and other blood pressure vitamins like Vitamin D and folic acid (a B vitamin) are believed to:

  • Help support normal blood pressure

  • Help support healthy blood circulation and flow

  • Help support healthy fibrin levels. A high level of fibrin is linked to the formation of blood clots.

  • Help maintain and support healthy production of plasmin and other enzymes found naturally in the blood. Their function is to help dissolve blood clots.

  • Help support healthy homocysteine levels in the blood which in turn helps to support cardiovascular health

Blood Pressure Supplements

Nattokinase is now available all over the world in a highly pure and bio-active form. The freeze-dried enzyme is a white powder, usually found in the form of capsules or tablets in blood pressure supplements. It is also found in targeted blood pressure supplements along with other vital nutrients that support healthy blood pressure. Blood Pressure Matrix contains Vitamin D, folic acid, potassium citrate, hawthorne leaves. Blood Pressure Matrix, a nutritious supplement, helps to aids the body's natural ability to support healthy blood pressure and circulation. Because it does not have any known side effects it is often the better choice over blood thinners which do not have as prolonged an effect in the body as nattokinase.

Blood pressure supplements are an extremely popular choice for those who are looking to maintain normal blood pressure through a nutritional supplement. It has no known side effects and unlike conventional medicine which is prescribed, life long, However, you should consult your doctor before taking blood pressure supplements containing nattokinase, especially if you are already on anticoagulants, blood thinners or any other medication.