My Journey In Homeopathy

Fitness Expert

"Absurd!" Was probably my first reaction when I heard about this strange sounding word homeopathy? As a Family Nurse Practitioner with a graduate degree in Family Medicine and a good background in science, the concept of a dilute substance, so dilute that you couldn't even measure it, curing someone of an illness seemed counter-intuitive. More counter-intuitive is that the more dilute the substance was the more powerful it was.

Though I am the most skeptical person I know, I couldn't believe that homeopathy worked, even when I saw it happening. The first encounter was with a simple flu remedy Oscillo. Bang! A flu that had lasted for two weeks with my patients and colleagues was gone in 24 hours? Then as I started to give simple homeopathic remedies for allergies and colds, I noticed that my patients got better, without pharmaceuticals, and I began to see the downside effect of prescriptions. Over the years, as I gradually put my prescription pad farther and farther from sight, and intensively studied homeopathy; I've been astonished to see what homeopathy can do. Patients with Crohn's disease so severe that they were going to have their colon removed were helped by homeopathy. Debilitating depression that someone had for decades was lifted with a few doses of homeopathy; panic attacks that would keep someone housebound for weeks at a time were alleviated after hypnotherapy, where pharmaceuticals had failed to assist her. Crippling arthritis was dramatically improved with a course of homeopathy. Lifelong allergies have been lifted with changes in diet and a homeopathic remedy.

How is this possible? Is it placebo? No, it is not placebo, and we know this to be true from over 130 clinical trials reported in Lancet, Journal of Immunology, British Journal of Homeopathy, and other journals, that it is founded on very solid scientific principles. Homeopathy means simply "like cures like." A like substance, similar to the disease itself is given to the patient. This like substance could be plant, mineral, or animal product. On a very simple level if you get stung by a bee or wasp, a dose of very dilute Apis, made from a bee, is given to a patient, and the severe burning stinging and inflammation is gone in a matter of moments. Yet, there is probably not even one molecule of the original substance left. That is the genius of homeopathy, the dose you cannot even measure, has cured the patient. I've had patients with systemic arthritis and chronic joint inflammation healed with a treatment of Apis. A good homeopathy will match your physical and emotional symptoms in a very thorough workup, to one of more than five thousand known homeopathic remedies, and assist you in finding a cure for your condition.

Having treated thousands of patients over the years for simple fevers to complex illnesses; I am still surprised by this medicine. While allopathic medicine or western medicine works on suppressing symptoms and often times creating far more harm than good, homeopathy works on removing the whole disease. I have found that pharmaceuticals are rarely needed for most illnesses; and in some instances never. For example, in the past seven years I have used an antibiotic once for an ear or upper respiratory infection. When I was an allopath, it would be common to write three prescriptions an hour for an antibiotic. Many times, simple herbs are more than adequate to treat infections, but a homeopathic remedy that gets to the root of the problem is often times the most powerful treatment.

It is like a splinter, a splinter in the skin will work its way to the surface and be expelled. A homeopathic remedy works in the same way, through this law of similars it helps the body to restore its own balance, and push the underlying disease out of the system.

It is not to say allopathic or western medicine is all bad. If you have a fractured leg you need to see an orthopedist, and then see a homeopath to help with the healing process. If you are having a heart attack, go to the Emergency Room. However, before you get to that stage of needing an Emergency Room work with a medically trained homeopath, this can often deter the need for an ER visit.

If you have had a condition or illness emotionally or physically, and you're looking for an alternative besides pharmaceuticals or surgery, then consider homeopathy as the safe gentle way to healing. If your condition is not life threatening, then you should consult with a medically trained and nationally certified homeopath.

The foundation of health is joy and good living! Today start making some positive changes in your life…keep your vices to a few modest and well chosen ones, like eating lots of fresh organic vegetables and fruits and drinking a lot of water. Love well and live for the passion and joy in your life!

Dr. T. Namaya
Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine
Family Nurse Practitioner