Celebrity Skin

Celebrity Skin

Have you ever wondered how Hollywood actresses always manage to look so gorgeous

Have you ever wondered how Hollywood actresses always manage to look so gorgeous and young, in spite of the years that keep going by? With the help of the world's best cosmetics and beauty experts, they manage to keep their youthful appearance and look incredibly more beautiful as time passes!

Do you wish you could have the same kind of treatments and skincare to help you stay looking young and beautiful? There is good news for all of us! Many of the ingredients beauty experts use for celebrities and fashion models are available to us at affordable prices! You just need to hear the buzz to get to know what they're using and how you can get a hold of the same quality ingredients at a fraction of the cost!

The buzz these days is about ingredients you may find individually or combined with other ingredients in various creams, lotions or serums. Vitamin A in the form of retinyl propionate, Vitamin C in the form of L-ascorbic acidGlycolic acid, and Licorice extract, and these ingredients are not just passing fads. All of them have undergone scientific scrutiny as effective anti-aging agents or for their role in skin care. Each of these ingredients works to sustain the youthful radiance of skin-each ingredient covers a different aspect of skin care.

Vitamins A and C work as nutrients supplying the skin with the nourishment it needs to stimulate the building of healthy collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are skin proteins. They are components that form the basic structure of skin. The diet we keep, heredity, oxidative stress produced by environmental pollution and the sun-all affect our ability to produce collagen and elastin. So it's important to nourish the skin topically with these two vitamins. Both Vitamins A and C notably help to promote the production of collagen and elastin. These effects have been observed under a microscope!

Vitamin C is one of the major antioxidants. It helps to neutralize free radical activity that does damage to our body on the cellular level. A form of Vitamin C, L-ascorbic acid, is used by the skin in multiple ways, but it must be at a concentration of 7 percent to be effective. Once it is applied and absorbed by the skin, its protection lasts for at least 4 days! L-ascorbic acid: helps to promote collagen synthesis leading to more supple skinHelps to promote elastin synthesis helping to decrease fine lines and wrinkles, and repair sun-induced aging. Helps to moderate and reverse the formation of brown pigmentation.Retinyl Propionate, once absorbed by the skin, converts to retinoic acid. It cares for your skin by: helping to promote the growth of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, thereby decreasing fine lines and wrinkles, and making skin firmer and more elastic (helps to minimize sagging).

It also provides skin hydration to:

  • Help reduce dark circles around the eyes.
  • Help shrink pore size.
  • Help protect against acne and stretch marks.
  • Help repair sun-damaged skin.

Retinyl Propionate is light sensitive and therefore must be applied in the night.Glycolic acid is a natural ingredient derived from sugar cane. It is made up of very small molecules that easily penetrate the upper layers of the skin. It helps to loosen dead skin cells from the skin surface. In this way, it works to effectively exfoliate the skin, revealing smooth, younger looking skin. Glycolic acid is also an excellent moisturizer as well. You would need to use a sunscreen during the day if you are applying glycolic acid at night.

Glabadrin is a component in licorice extract. It works in the skin to help inhibit the production of melanin, brown skin pigmentation. Glabadrin is known to brighten skin in as early as 7 days. It helps to lighten freckles, brown spots, and scars. It also works as an anti-inflammatory helping to calm skin. While all these ingredients are great, their prices are pretty phenomenal too! Glycolic face peels, containing 10 to 30 percent glycolic acid, cost anywhere between $100 to $150.00 for just one peel! Facial anti wrinkle cream containing licorice extract cost around $50.00 for just 6 oz! L-ascorbic acid serums can cost anywhere between $30 to $100 depending on the brand. Night creams containing retinyl propionate cost around $70 for a reliable brand.

This might be fine for celebrities, but too expensive for you? Here's the good news! All of these ingredients are available in a physician-formulated, clinically proven product called NightSkin. NightSkin is an anti age cream which can help to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, reduce dark spots, brighten the skin, moisturize it, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. NightSkin is not a cream, but a serum. Serums are used mostly in spas and in high quality professional skin care treatments. The advantage that serums have over creams is that serums contain highly concentrated ingredients with smaller molecules which can easily penetrate into the skin's surface for extremely effective results! For around $70 a month, NightSkin combines all four ingredients and for just a fraction of the cost, can treat your skin to the kind of luxury treatment the celebrities receive!